Greetings there!

My name is Azure, and I work with gods and goddesses both for fun and to gain a deeper understanding of myself, the divine, and the universe. While for many the idea of "working with gods and goddesses" may sound intimidating, or crazy, I assure you, it's a liberating, if not occasionally frustrating, experience. I find it quite fulfilling to help spread awareness of the divine and helping gods and goddesses feel more accessible and "ordinary." You may find others in the magickal community who treat gods and goddesses as transcendent beings who we can barely understand. While I do not find this untrue, I also treat them quite casually. They are friends and companions, who seek to help and guide. This is exactly how you will find them represented in my store as well.

My spiritual journey began in 2005, and it has lead me to many interesting things, the most fascinating of which has been my ever evolving connection with the realm of the divine and the gods and goddesses who call it home. I've always had an interest in the divine ever since I was a child. I was always careful not to cause any offense, even if when I was younger I was not raised to believe in more than one god. I always had a sense of respect, awe, and fear of them, even during the time when I didn't think they existed. There was this draw there that I couldn't quite explain. I wanted to know more. Then, eight or nine years ago, I discovered they had an interest in me back. Things have greatly transformed since that time, as I found out they had hidden themselves in various spiritual interactions as I was growing up, and essentially lead me to where I am now. Many gods and goddesses have had a direct hand in my development not just as a spiritual person, but as a person as a whole, and I am deeply grateful for all of their care and friendship.

While this site is new, I first opened the doors to my business in September of 2015 with Aphrodite God/dess Nymphos as the crown jewel. I am known for offering detailed descriptions and for being quite cordial. If you ever have a questions, feel free to contact me. Just know that personal, non-business, correspondences will always take longer to be responded to.

Much of what you'll find in my store is unique, available only to me through the wonderful friendships I've forged. If you find someone claiming one of my unique listings as their own, please treat this seller with suspicion.

You may contact me through immortal.conjures@gmail.com

I hope you all have a wonderful time~