For those who are first timers, allow me to break down how my store works and explain exactly what it is.

General Information

I work in the greater community of what is called, "Spirit Keeping." The practice of communing with spiritual beings and allowing them to be part of your life. This is something that people do for various reasons. Some want companions, others want something to help better themselves, some genuinely want the help from a spiritual power, and of course, there are always those fascinated by sexual spirits. There's always something to do and some new way to grow when it comes to Spirit Keeping. It is a path of excitement and fulfillment. However, it is also a path that requires patience and needs to be free of expectations. Spirit Keeping is about the journey, not the immediate results. If you proceed with that in mind, you will have a bounty of experiences.

Spirit Keeping uses a process called "binding" to ensure greater communication with the spirit as well as safety for the Spirit Keeper. This binding can be used either on a physical object which will serve as a vessel or it can be applied directly to you, being applied to your spiritual energy. This process is different for each seller. Unfortunately, in the greater metaphysical community, binding has a negative association. This is primarily due to where the process of binding originates. Some forms of bindings in other magickal traditions literally bend a spirit's will, restricting what actions they can perform so the conjurer can have greater control. This in some instances can be thought of akin to slavery. HOWEVER, the bindings implemented by many professional spirit keeping conjurers ensure the safety of the keeper and the comfort of the spirit. They work like a landline, easing communication and making sure interactions are without risk. I like to think of them like pathways that provide rules for interaction. Every seller creates their bindings differently, and no two are the same. As such, you may encounter bindings of a greater quality and bindings of a lesser quality, to the point that it can cause discomfort to the spirit or even cause discomfort to you. Please work with ethical conjurers and treat every conjurer cautiously until you yourself are able to verify how the binding resonates with you. You as an individual will resonate with bindings of differently, so this is something to keep in mind as well. As always on this path, you will need to learn how to trust your instincts.

Specific to Me

Then you have my business, which is a niche of a niche of a niche. There is the general metaphysical, then there is spirit keeping, and then there is little ol' me. I work in a particular field that many people find hard to believe unless they've had their own experiences with gods and goddesses. On the outside, all of this is strange, bizarre, and could easily be considered insane by the mainstream. As it is, the practice of Spirit Keeping in general is looked down upon by many different cultures in the metaphysical. In some ways, general Spirit Keeping is a little more tame compared to what I offer. However, once you've experienced gods, goddesses, and the amazing beings who are both dedicated to them and created by them, you'll find an entirely new path unfolding before you. It is a path that will change your life. But just as in other forms of spirit keeping, you will need to be both patient and courteous. You cannot be entitled or demanding. It is as true for spirit companions as it is for living, human ones.

I take the comfort of my spirits and entities quite seriously, to the point that the comfort of the spirit exceeds the convenience of their potential human companion. I would rather refund a purchase if I know the person I'm working with will not take good care of the being they've chosen to adopt. Please know that if you are coming to me for a being, you need to be serious about this path and considerate of the comfort of whatever it is you choose to invite into your life.

Thank you for reading!