Store Policies

So, you've stumbled across my store and would like to know what you are in for, eh? I have worked with plenty of wonderful clients, people who I would attest are some of the best clients in the world, and I'm honored to welcome you into the fold if you are interested in what I have to offer, but I have a couple of things I need to make perfectly clear for your sake and mine. Below are my store policies.

Legal Statements

First and foremost, I am forced by law to state that everything you find within my store should be considered for entertainment purposes only. I cannot gaurantee paranormal experiences and anything I offer does not take the place of proper, professional consultation and should not be used to treat medical issues, be they physical, mental, or otherwise. I am proud of what I do and work heart and soul to make sure it is up to my standards, so please do not feel as if I am saying my work is fluff with this statement.

Additionally, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age upon the purchase of any listing in my store. I do not service minors, and given the unique nature of this business, there would be potential legal troubles if I do. If you are a minor and interested in my store and workings, you have my humblest apologies about this restriction.


Given the nature of my business, I am unable to offer refunds as often time the money is needed as it comes in and is unavailable to be returned. I am able to grant refunds in a few extrenuating circumstances, particularly in cases where a refund is requested a few days after the conjuration service is purchased or work with a being has not begun, but given what I provide are services, purchase of a listing means you acknowledge that refunds are not always grantable. I am willing to work with you if I can, but often it will result in store credit.

Binding Process and Ethics

My bindings are very open and do not limit a being or their behavior, as I ethically do not agree with this method. My bindings are more akin to a resonant link that allows for an ease of communication rather than something that seeks to control or dominate. All beings who come through my services go through a vigorous ritual that tests the purity of their intentions. I do not offer things that would ever seek to harm or could potentially harm their keeper. I also do not offer things that readily or gleefully seek to harm others without a proper cause. There is a large difference between mischeif makers and malicious intent. I do the work I do to allow for a deeper exploration of the self and one's connection to the universe and cosmic powers. I do not do my work so another can carry out petty emotional agendas on innocent bystanders. Understand that in purchasing my services, the focus will always be on you, and in the end, you are the one who needs to do the work in order to see results.

It is also important to understand that in any order, I always have the best interest of any spiritual being I work with at heart. They are not objects, possessions, or properties. They are normally a fully sentient, self-aware being. The exception are creatures with a lower intelligence, but they deserve respect all the same. Please adopt this same mindset in not just dealing with my store but in any spirit work you do.

In the case of PreConjureds, they may not have their listings purchased until you have the clear from me and once I have the permission of the spiritual being. There are no "dibs" in my store. It is a fully worked out process where all parties and their desires are properly understood. Some beings are less particular, others are far more specific. I always handle this on a case by case basis.

Order Completion

Each conjuration is unique and takes its own time. My conjurations do not take a long time to complete, but the bulk of the work comes from working with the spiritual being and getting their information through channeling. Naturally, this process takes longer for higher-tiered beings but I have had a few lower-tiered beings that offered their own unique challenges to work with. As a result of this, the time for Order Completion often vastly varies from order to order.

From time of purchase, I try to get spiritual beings to their human companions within four to five weeks. In times of a lower custom conjuration queue, this can be done in a little as two to three. Higher queues can take up to seven weeks, but this is usually when there is an avalanche of orders. Immortal Artifacts often have the lowest times to complete their orders as they sometimes require no to little custom information. There are exceptions to this, but I always try to get these out first when I am able. Custom Realms can take a couple of months and PreConjureds are usually sent out within a week of their listing being purchased.

Binding Options

I currently have two binding options: bound directly to you (often called bind to spirit/your energy) and remotely bound to an object you'd like to use as a vessel. I do not currently have a physical vessel inventory and thus do not ship. The upside to this is a simpler work process for me and a near immediate "delivery" of a spiritual being once their information has been completed. I hate having to use the word "delivery" to refer to them as they are not objects, but it is currently the most descriptive in my lexicon.

I hope you found this Store Policies Page insightful. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey. :)