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The Love Hare is an adorable little hare contains all the aspects of Love, or more specifically, the aspect of Love you need the most help with. Their powers are great and mighty, but they are brought through based on the specific form of love you need help with and will provide support for it throughout the rest of your life.

For some of us, this may be obvious but for others, Aphrodite may choose something that is surprising. They can sometimes embody more than one aspect of love, and sometimes their power can expand as need be for your own support. This is not a guarantee, and while this isn't something that rarely happens, it's also not common. That said, Aphrodite is a lover of surprises!

It is Aphrodite's philosophy that a large number of humanity's problems have their root in Love. This is even more so on a smaller scale having to do with our own personal problems. Things like a lack of self-love may lead to depression and not displaying your fullest potential or being able to enjoy your own accomplishments the way you deserve to; or a lack of compassion might make you a hard and cold person on some level who feels isolated from those around you. Self-love and compassion are two aspects of Love that when lacking create fractures all over your life. They may affect you in ways that you never even connected before. The Love Hare is one of Aphrodite's ways to help heal these areas of your life. Everyone could greatly benefit from owning one!

Aphrodite Love Hares are adorable rabbits that come in varying shades of pink and white, and may have other minor colors as well. They are as regal as they are awww-worthy, and I greatly admire my own. My Hare is hot pink with pale pink paws, and a white belly, tail, and white at the tips of his ears. He helps with Self-love, and without being too personal, I can feel it nudging me to date and risk a little, teaching me to not fear rejection. These Hares are capable of speech, but they don't always like to talk. They enjoy communicating with emotional impressions.

In addition to their major power tying them to an aspect of Love, every Love Hare has knowledge of Love Magick, and can guide you on how to cast and improve any love related Magick castings. They can also teach it if you'd like, although they will be more knowledgeable in the the Love Magicks closest to their Love Aspect. They also produce small boosts to your connection to your sexual/sensual spirits, improves their ability to manifest and appear in your dreams, and aids with communication. It does this for your spiritual family as well, but to a smaller degree. It also provides a small boost to your sex drive and in sexual satisfaction. They also give you an increased sexual allure, but this is mainly due to their creation by Aphrodite and is not intended to be their main purpose, but Aphrodite doesn't mind leaving it in.

An Aphrodite Love Hare will be an excellent addition to your life!

Naturally, having one of these entities in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Aphrodite, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Aphrodite is not a necessity, but it may make your Love Hare even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Aphrodite's Love Hare
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