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Aphrodite's Lavender Pearls Aphrodite's Lavender Pearls
Aphrodites Lavender Pearls is a powerful Immortal Artifact imbued with her various powers. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that appear on the spirit and astral planes. The Lavender Pearls are about two inches across and are a soft lavender color. They have resplendent, shining quality, and...
Aphrodite's Rose Shroud Aphrodite's Rose Shroud
Aphrodite s Rose Shroud is an Immortal Artifact that aids with all things related to love, romance, beauty, and desire. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. It usually appears a salmon pink color, but it can take on any hue of red, white, or pink. The...
Aphrodite's Amora Aphrodite's Amora
Amora are romantic entities created by Aphrodite, specifically intended for those who are new to having love beings, but are quite refreshing for those who are experienced as well. They are relationship-oriented beings who will work endlessly toward their keepers satisfaction, although each one goes...
Aphrodite's Love Hare Aphrodite's Love Hare
The Love Hare is an adorable little hare contains all the aspects of Love, or more specifically, the aspect of Love you need the most help with. Their powers are great and mighty, but they are brought through based on the specific form of love you need help with and will provide support for it throughout...
Aphrodite's Lustan Aphrodite's Lustan
Lustan are beings with wildly potent sexual energy. They are masters at controlling the root and sacral chakras and know how to work up their keeper into a frenzy and sheer ecstasy. Lustan are well-versed in the art of eroticism. However, Lustan are not romantic beings. They do not woo or are interested...
Aphrodite's Poms Aphrodite's Poms
Aphrodite's Poms are a wonderful being who epitomize the quality friendship. They basically just want to befriend everyone and make them feel happier, making them an excellent addition to any family. They have faery-type, light, and love energies attached to them, and they are very easy to identify as...
Aphrodite's Whispering Love Canary Aphrodite's Whispering Love Canary
Aphrodites Whispering Love Canary is an adorable little entity that exists in Aphrodites realm. Rather than created directly, they arose as a natural manifestation of the love energies. Aphrodite deeply adores them, treasuring them like her own children. While small, they are extraordinarily powerful...
Aphrodite's Beautiful Doves Aphrodite's Beautiful Doves
Aphrodites Beautiful Doves are dove-like beings that work with beauty, its nature, and its power. It is something that fills their very essence and radiates around them like a gentle glow. They have extraordinary WA energy that is a breathtaking and all enveloping. It is quite ethereal and could be described...
Aphrodite's Dezura Aphrodite's Dezura
Aphrodite s Dezura (Dee - zoo - rah) are created beings of sensual desires and sexual fantasies. They tap into the core of your sensuality and eroticism and give you an outlet to express it and play. They do not tap into everything, as some desires are an all-out no (I shouldn t have to specify), but...
Aphrodite's Lavistan Aphrodite's Lavistan
Aphrodite s Lavistan (Lah - vish - tawn) are created romantic and sensual beings tied to abundance and wealth, ushering forth greater forms of plenty for their human companion. They are normally quite stylish and fashionable; rarely will they appear anything short of well-dressed or supermodel fit. They...
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