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Apollo's Palace of Light Apollo's Palace of Light
Apollo s Palace of Light is a seasonal listing available in the summer, created from the energies of light and sun that saturate this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere, where I am from). Other beings related to day, sun, and light aid in its creation, most notably Helios and Hyperion. The realm...
Freyja’s Northland Incubi and Succubi Freyja’s Northland Incubi and Succubi
The Northland Incubi and Succubi are beings who come from a vast land of mountains, forests, and snow. This region is rich in a variety of magicks and energies, but none is more potent than that of the Norse. The Northland Ubi, in particular, highly venerate Freyja in her qualities as a warrior, a lover,...
Hecate's Light Solstice Witchling Hecate's Light Solstice Witchling
Hecate s Light Solstice Witchlings are a fascinating being created by Hecate from the energies of the longest days of the year, when light reigns and is the most prominent. These Witchlings serve as guardians of the aura and energy field, creating a natural barrier around their human that can only be...
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