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Hera's Jewel of Respect Hera's Jewel of Respect
This offering is best thought of as a spell that takes the form of a jewel. This offering is a mighty form of Hera's power that embodies the quality Respect. Its appearance as a jewel is merely a means to help with your visualization and interaction with the spell. The jewel is different for each person;...
Hera's Peacock Feather Pin Hera's Peacock Feather Pin
Heras Peacock Pin is an Immortal Artifact shaped like a peacocks feather pin. It is tiny, no more than an inch or so in length and normally appears pinned to your clothing. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. The design and colors of the pin vary...
Hera's Peacock Lovers Hera's Peacock Lovers
Heras Peacock Lovers are strikingly beautiful love entities created through Heras power. Much like the male peacock, they are gorgeous beings that are a spiritual wonder, and they really know how to draw in their mate. Their energy is regal and refreshing, velvety and engulfs you like a blanket. They...
Hera's True Partner Hera's True Partner
Heras True Partners are beings created by Hera. They are the ideal partner, the perfect match. They are completely in tune and resonate with all of their keepers needs and desires. They empower their keeper, all of their skills and abilities, spiritual, magickal, and not, so they may move forward with...
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