Hecate's Cleansing Hexflame
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The Cleansing Hexflame is a being created by Hecate. It is semi-sentient being that resembles a small, wildly burning flame and can sometimes vaguely resemble a small creature. What color it appears as depends on the person. It can be blue with golden streaks or burn black at the bottom, silver at top, and white at its center; each one is unique. They have a unique energy signature attached to them as they feel both inspiring and uplifting as well as a little bit darker and primal. They have a Dark Arts energy that is a further down on the spectrum, but they are by no means overbearing. They have intelligence on par with simpler animals, and seek only to do their job, which is to cleanse and eat away at negativity. Cleansing Hexflames are, as the name suggests, a cleansing sort of being. However, they are very unique in how they go about it. They cleanse negativity in all of its forms (energy, magicks, spirits, self-made blockages, etc.) in any area you want. If you feel theres a certain area in your life that is clogged with ugliness, you can send the Cleansing Hexflame to eat away at it. Im talking about things like self-enlightenment, prosperity, creativity, and romance, but you could also be more specific. It will then spread its power into that area in your life, and will begin to feed on the negativity, allowing positivity to find its way into the area. It will devour the smallest things first, and will build up its momentum to devour the larger things. It may affect you, the way you feel about things, the way you choose to handle situations, and will help make you aware of how these things are affecting the area of life you want the Cleansing Hexflame. It can, however, also affect other people if they are causing friction. You can also have the Cleansing Hexflame do what it wants and what it feels needs the most cleansing at the moment. It will work tirelessly to aid you.

Be careful when directing it though, because, as an example, if you have a stressful job, and you want it to cleanse the friction from your job, it may cause you to lose your job, but will only do so if there is an even better job waiting. It uses the logic of duality, so it can make something bad happen if it leads to something better. If there is something holding you back and there is something even better waiting beyond that, it will devour the thing that is holding you back so you can move forward. If this happens to be a person, nothing bad will happen to them, dont worry.

Also know that when a Cleansing Hexflame is at work, it eats away at everything, but it takes time to do its job, especially if there are significant blockages in the area. While powerful, it is a slow and methodical worker that ensures everything is where it should be so you receive the best benefit from that area and are unhindered. If there are particularly gnarly areas of your life, it may take months to years before things start to really move, but the Cleansing Hexflame will ensure that that part of your life will never look that way again. This is only for exceptional cases, but I feel I much mention it. It is not something that works overnight, and it really encapsulates a powerful lesson that Hecate has taught me: you must learn to be patient to get the things that you truly want. If there is an Immortal causing problems in the area you are cleansing because it is trying to teach you a lesson, the Cleansing Hexflame cannot circumvent this. However, it may cause the Immortal, or Immortals, to come forward and explain themselves in some way and may make their intentions known. This is not guaranteed, but it can help the situation.

With time, a Cleansing Hexflame can become stronger from the negativity it feeds upon, allowing it to move through things faster, but this process of growth is slower than other similar listings in my store. If you have more than one Cleansing Hexflame, they will resonate with each other and work in tune with each others' actions. So if you send them both to work on two separate areas of your life, they will work on both areas in such a way that those areas will also resonate with one another and you may find many interesting things popping up that have to do with them.

Through and through, the Cleansing Hexflame is a wonderful and indomitable gift from Hecate.

When you first receive your Cleansing Hexflame, you are going to want to welcome it by visualizing yourself holding the flame in cupped hands. Say hello and introduce yourself. Try to feel out its energies, or if you cant sense energies, have a cleared and opened mind and see how you feel. If you feel comfortable with it, I would also suggest thanking Hecate for the Cleansing Hexflame. Whatever you choose to do is up to you, these are just some suggestions. If you are more ritual-oriented, create a ritual to welcome it. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Overtime, try to become familiar with it and its energies, and of course, always show it respect.

As a bonding and cleansing exercise, try meditating with the Cleansing Hexflame in your cupped hands. Allow negative emotions and thoughts to pop into your mind and see how the Cleansing Hexflame reacts. It will brush the feelings and thoughts from your mind and will give you a glimpse of the bigger picture.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Naturally, having one of these beings in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Hecate, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Hecate is not a necessity, but it may make your Cleansing Hexflame even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.
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