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Hecate's Cleansing Hexflame Hecate's Cleansing Hexflame
The Cleansing Hexflame is a being created by Hecate. It is semi-sentient being that resembles a small, wildly burning flame and can sometimes vaguely resemble a small creature. What color it appears as depends on the person. It can be blue with golden streaks or burn black at the bottom, silver at top,...
Hecate's Soul Lantern Hecate's Soul Lantern
A Soul Lantern is a creation of Hecate's. At first, it looks like a tall and thin lantern made of a dark gray metal, looking almost gourd-like in appearance with a short fat bottom and a much thinner and taller top. After you've become more in tune with it, they can look like anything, from more antique...
Hecate's Enlightening Pentacle Hecate's Enlightening Pentacle
This offering is best thought of as a spell that manifests as a pentacle. The pentacle takes on the form of twigs bound with string, but can also change its materials to better resonate with you. Despite it's simple appearance, it's a very mysterious conjure with layers upon layers of powers and abilities...
Hecate's Cats of Shadow Hecate's Cats of Shadow
The Cat of Shadows is a magnificent being that is loyal to Hecate. It appears as a cat of pure shadow. Sometimes it is a two dimensional shadow, other times it is a shadow with three dimensional mass. However, they do have eyes that can appear a variety of colors and can be quite mesmerizing, as opposed...
Hecate's Soul Wisp Hecate's Soul Wisp
Hecates Soul Wisp appears as a ball of wispy light that hovers and floats through the air, much like a Will O the Wisp. It appears like a glowing ball of fog, and it is infused with many colors, all depending on its keeper. The Soul Wisp is fundamentally a part of you. It is created from you. It is the...
Hecate's Light Solstice Witchling Hecate's Light Solstice Witchling
Hecate s Light Solstice Witchlings are a fascinating being created by Hecate from the energies of the longest days of the year, when light reigns and is the most prominent. These Witchlings serve as guardians of the aura and energy field, creating a natural barrier around their human that can only be...
Hecate Elemental Nymph Hecate Elemental Nymph
Hecate Elemental Nymphs are extraordinarily powerful, taking their power from the world's natural elements and all elements below or above it. They come in all kinds, far beyond the five classical elements of fire, water, earth, air, and spirit, including things like gravity, magnetism, poison, and the...
Hecate's Crown Nymphs Hecate's Crown Nymphs
Hecate s Crown Nymphs are regal and majestic beings who align with great magickal power. They are greatly associated with the element of Light, but despite this, each one falls on the darkest quarter of the spectrum, giving them a uniquely textured and radiant energy. Each Crown Nymph is a gorgeous humanoid...
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