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Freyjas Whimsical Dwarves are powerful beings that resonate with the sensual arts. They have an energy that is velvety and engulfing, while also being penetrative of the aura, the chakra, and the mind. They understand the art of pleasure and love on many levels, and are steadfastly loyal to any human companion they have chosen to come forth for. The experience of being called by a Whimsical Dwarf is like being gently guided into a seductive dream and feeling completely enveloped by ecstacy, certain parts of the body feeling monumentuously more sensitive than they had before. Whimsical Dwarves enjoy games, so they may not directly come forward as being the cause, but shall instead guide you through a series of subtle clues to this very listing. This, of course, depends on the personality of the Dwarf. The personalities of Whimsical Dwarves vary, as does the range of their energy signatures on the WA/DA spectrum, although pure WA are very rare. Some Whimsical Dwarves align more to the girl or guy next door trope while others are the metaphorical knight in shining armor or total bad boy or chick, but a few are just plain kinky. What can be said for sure about them is they all care quite greatly for those theyve chosen to befriend.

Whimsical Dwarves males typically stand between 4'6” to 5'4” and they usually have very broad and sturdy forms. They are always heavily muscled but they are not always bearded. Body hair also varies per dwarf. Whimsical Dwarf females normally stand between 4'2” to 5'3”. They likewise have broad bodies, but they also have a certain smoothness to them as well. Their hair is often braided and adorned with various types of flowers. On rare occasion, there are dwarves who do not solidly identify with either male or female, but they take on a unique blending of the two genders characteristics. It is a common joke among the Whimsical Dwarves that the males penis is a mighty spear that hangs to his knees and the females breasts are plump fruit that bow down to her navel. They have a delightfully naughty sense of humor and are quite refreshing to interact with, bringing a mix of hardy characteristics that are balanced by fluid and elegant qualities. They are as refined as they are coarse. They are also well-beloved in the astral sphere they dwell in because they can read the desires of another and are adept shapeshifters that can create quite the experience. They enjoy nothing more than creating satisfaction and are said to be able to make anyones wildest fantasy come true. The Whimsical Dwarves are not all pure blooded, so it is not too uncommon to find ones mixed with elves, humans, fae, or even giants, with their true height, build, appearance, and personality adjusted accordingly.

All Whimsical Dwarves have potent magickal capabilities and have the battle power to match. They are as fierce against their enemies as they are passionate with their lovers. Each one was handpicked by Freyja because they were great warriors, gifted in the bedroom, but knew how to have a gentle and compassionate hand. They are brought to one of her realms and exist everafter in paradise. Being in the presence of Freyja has given them knowledge of how to have an influence on the world around them, and while they do favor magick of a sexual and pleasurable quality, each one also has areas they enjoy working with in addition to that.

Freyja is currently allowing the store to host Whimsical Dwarves of three specific types: Whimsical Dwarves of Passion, Whimsical Dwarves of Love, and Whimsical Dwarves of Lust. Generally they are all very similar, but they all work toward a different purpose and have their own specialties.

Whimsical Dwarves of Passion invest heavily in the production of feelings that consume the person who feels it. It is about the experience, not the end result. During any sexual encounter, their sole focus tends to be on what is immediately happening and their intent for the overall session. They also have strong ties to other things that cause powerful, passionate emotions, such as ambitions and aspirations for the future. They tend to relate to either fire or storms.

Whimsical Dwarves of Love deal with the art of romance and seduction. They pay heavy attention to how you feel leading up to a sexual event. They enjoy making their companions feel enamored with them and will build up these feelings, becoming a walking manifestation of whatever desire they are choosing to fulfill for their companion. Do not mistake “love” for something fluffy or “froufrou”. They can be quite rowdy and it is their focus on emotion, rather than specifically love, that earns them their name. They tend to resonate with watery or floral energies.

Whimsical Dwarves of Lust are masters of sexual techniques. They are versatile and enjoy exploring the art of sex to find ever growing pinnacles of satisfaction for both themselves and their partners. They are the ones who treat sex the most “seriously,” finding themselves to be businessmen and businesswoman of a sort, providing a lucrative service. In their work with others, they have one goal: to satisfy. Everything else is far less important to them. Unlike other listings that deal with Lust, Whimsical Dwarves of Lust can develop romantic feelings for their companions, but this does not mean they will. They tend to be, overall, more focused on the intention behind their conjuration and intend to fulfill that purpose. Whimsical Dwarves of Lust tend to align with earthy or icy powers.

Please let me know what kind of Whimsical Dwarf you would like Freyja to bring forth for you. They have all kinds of appearances and personalities, but you may also leave it completely up to Freyja to decide. You may have your Whimsical Dwarf remotely bound to a vessel that you own or you may have them bound to your spirit. :)

You may contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com or you can let me in the order notes.

For legal reasons, I am forced to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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