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Hel's Mistfire Bat Charm Hel's Mistfire Bat Charm
The Mistfire Bat Charm is an energy form created by the Norse Goddess Hel. Their bodies are made of mist but their wings are flaming The mist is light gray, looking a little like swirling smoke, and the flames color is determined both by its keeper and the power it possesses . The reason this is called...
Odin's Rune Stone Odin's Rune Stone
Odins Rune Stone is an Immortal Artifact that works with the wonderful and mysterious powers of the Nordic Elder Futhark Runes. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists in the Spirit and Astral planes. Odins Rune Stone depicts a single rune, from any of the Nordic Runes, and will serve...
The Helfire Bats The Helfire Bats
The Helfire Bat is a being that works with the powers of the Norse Goddess of the Underworld, Hel. They serve her as messengers and as guides to human keepers. Helfire Bats have a variety of appearances across their species, often appearing as black bats, shadowy bat-like creatures, or even skeletal...
The Loki Tricksters The Loki Tricksters
The Loki Tricksters are beings created by Loki that embody his essence of trickery and mischief. They are Dark Art beings on the darker end of the spectrum and while they sound like they would be a handful, they are actually quite endearing and intriguing beings that are playful and incredibly charismatic....
Odin's Mystical Ravens Odin's Mystical Ravens
Odins Mystical Raven is a familiar entity birthed from Odins power. They appear the size of an ordinary raven but they can be larger and have unique qualities, such as exotic eye colors and an undercoat of colored iridescent feathers that can only be seen at the right angle and in the proper light. As...
Freyja's Mark of the Valkyrie Freyja's Mark of the Valkyrie
Freyjas Mark of the Valkyrie is a powerful Immortal Artifact bestowed by Freyja. It appears as a badge or emblem of sorts, unique to the person, and serves as a potent conduit for the energy of Valkyries. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. What it...
Thor's Thunder Wolves Thor's Thunder Wolves
Thors Thunder Wolves are powerful astral entities that fall under the dominion of Thor. They represent storms, lightning, thunder, and other sorts of fierce atmospheric elements. They are Dark Arts beings, normally on the darker half of the DA spectrum. They appear in a variety of forms, such as a giant...
Freyja's Luminous Light Elves Freyja's Luminous Light Elves
Freyja s Luminous Light Elves are beautiful, radiant beings. They are cultured and educated, often dedicating a large portion of their lives to study in an established learning center. They are steeped in knowledge, magick, and mysticism, often students of the inner workings of the cosmos. They are extraordinarily...
Freyja's Whimsical Dwarves Freyja's Whimsical Dwarves
Freyjas Whimsical Dwarves are powerful beings that resonate with the sensual arts. They have an energy that is velvety and engulfing, while also being penetrative of the aura, the chakra, and the mind. They understand the art of pleasure and love on many levels, and are steadfastly loyal to any human...
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