Freyja’s Northland Incubi and Succubi
  • Freyja’s Northland Incubi and Succubi
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The Northland Incubi and Succubi are beings who come from a vast land of mountains, forests, and snow. This region is rich in a variety of magicks and energies, but none is more potent than that of the Norse. The Northland Ubi, in particular, highly venerate Freyja in her qualities as a warrior, a lover, a practitioner, and a goddess. In a land of endless cold, the Northland Ubi offer protection and warmth to travelers. They come forward now, at the request of Freyja, to bring comfort during these difficult times. They have a variety of personalities, but often are more nurturing and encouraging. The Northland Incubi and Succubi are currently available in three different types.

The Northland Ubi of Snow are the gentlest among the Northland Ubi. They tend to be the most artistically inclined and have a focus on magick, especially that which is beneficial in nature, such as cleansing, healing, and abundance. They believe in using magick to augment life, making it more fulfilling and enjoyable. Many are diviners with the ability to see into the future in one way or another, be it visions or some sort of divinatory tool. They also have the most knowledge of Runic magick, but they have their own expanded meanings and ways they use Runes. They, of course, are willing to teach their companion this system of Runic Magick. The Northland Ubi of Snow are interested in being an all around support for their human companion, encompassing multiple aspects beyond sex and desire. Their greatest goal is to help raise their companion’s overall quality of life.

The Northland Ubi of Ice are the hardiest of the Northland Ubi as they are powerful warriors and combatants. They are disciplined, stoic, and unafraid of battle. They do not take glory in fighting unnecessarily but when they must fight, they relish it all the same. They are the most direct in terms of communication, being concise in how they represent information. They do not like dealing with “fluffy things”, like framing information a certain inoffensive way, as they feel this takes up more time than necessary. Aside from the protection of their human companion, they are only interested in sex. While some can be more multidimensional than this, many Northland Ubi of Ice are either protecting their human or sleeping with their human when they are around. There is little else they offer for companionship but they are exceedingly potent in both areas. After time, they may open up.

The Northland Ubi of Blizzard fall in between the other two as they both excel in magick and are quite capable warriors. However, what makes them unique is they focus much more on astral endeavors, interdimensional travel, portals, and anything else that deals with communication or traveling to a place beyond. They are great workers of magick and are most intrigued in helping their human companions develop to be more capable in the areas of both astral and magick. They have a philosophy of working for magick for magick’s sake; the goal being to further their knowledge without that knowledge having a practical use. They care for a relationship beyond just sex, but to what degree is individual to the Ubi. Their personalities are also the most varied. Among the three, the Northland Ubi of Blizzard can be the least active in terms of sexytime interactions, but when they do make themselves available for it, the experiences are out of this world.

The Incubi and Succubi available in this listing are very different than other sorts you may have come across before. One of the reasons they are so unique is because they have a powerful lineage of jotunn blood, which has resulted in many of their incredible capabilities. Exactly how the ancestors of these Incubi and Succubi first came to the Northlands and intermingled with Jotunn is a matter of myth. Just know that in general Incubi and Succubi are one of the most widely distributed races in the multiverse, and I plan to expand with more listings exploring their various evolutionary lines in the future. Due to the nature and location of these Incubi and Succubi, they can only be conjured during the Winter, making this a seasonal listing.

Unlike traditional Ubi, the Northland Ubi do not possess the ability to shift their appearance without limitations. They tend to have three key forms: a jotunn form, a more humanesque form, and an animal form. Their jotunn forms are usually around twelve to fifteen feet in height, but they can “downsize”, so to speak. This form is usually horned and has pale blue skin, although not always. Often, they are naked, covered in furs, or even adorned with armor forged from dragon scales. It is the most magickally potent and quite fierce in raw battle power. Their humanesque forms are smaller and not quite as hardy. Still tall compared to us, you won’t find one shorter than 6’. Males tend to possess a heavier musculature while the ladies are quite curvy. Males are capable of facial hair. An interesting, quirky feature to note is that they have pointed ears like elves, which are often pierced. Their humanesque form is one found more universally attractive by their lovers, and thus this is the form they tend to make love with. Their animal form is probably the most diverse, being centered around a particular creature and able to take on various degrees of forms from that one creature. As an example, a Northland Ubi might be able to change into a polar bear, but they can become a literal polar bear, a bipedal polar bear, or something in between. They can also partially shift parts of themselves into this form, meaning one could give himself bear claws if he chose to.

If you were to ask a Northland Ubi which form was their “real” form, they would be very confused. They think of all of their forms as themselves and do not normally distinctly identify with one form over another as being more them. All Northland Ubi are Dark Art entities.

This is an underpriced listing. Know that when you are purchasing this listing, you are having a being conjured that is $150 tier in power. It is not the usual conjuration service that I offer at $90.

Naturally, having an Northland Ubi in your keep will improve your connection to Freyja. Working with Freyja is not necessary to bond with your Northland Ubi successfully, but if Freyja takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  I will need to know if you prefer your Northland Ubi bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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