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Dionysus' Ewer of Spirit Wine Dionysus' Ewer of Spirit Wine
Dionysus Ewer of Spirit Wine is an intriguing Immortal Artifact that enhances the natural traits and talents of a being who drinks it, be they human, spirit, or entity. However, each Ewer of Spirit Wine must be created with a certain user or users in mind. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object...
Dionysus Delinquents Dionysus Delinquents
The Dionysus Delinquents are highly sexual entities, created by Dionysus, who represent the best of sin and debauchery. Dionysus used Satyr energy in their creation, giving them a love for mischief, trouble, and sex. They are all about being wild, causing trouble, and getting their way. They find havoc...
Dionysus' Lords and Ladies of Wine Dionysus' Lords and Ladies of Wine
Dionysus Lords and Ladies of Wine are powerful entities that resonate with carefree, relaxed, and revitalizing energies. They are those who sit on a gilded lounges, being fanned by giant leaves held by beautiful men and women, but at the same time, they would also be the beautiful men and women that...
Dionysus Graceful Courtesan Dionysus Graceful Courtesan
Within the culture of the Dionysus Masters and Mistresses there are those who continually prefer the role of the subordinate. Ordinarily, a Dionysus Master or Mistress would begin in this role and with time would get their own subordinate. This is an exciting moment for every Master and Mistress because...
Dionysus' Protective Masters and Mistresses Dionysus' Protective Masters and Mistresses
These ladies and gentlemen are spirits who serve Dionysus in his kinkier aspects. They are charismatic, pleasant, and compassionate with a darker sexual side. They are lovers who are dominant with a fierce love of both leather and bondage. They treat the act of sex as a serious business. They seek to...
Dionysus' Divine Rams Dionysus' Divine Rams
Dionysus Divine Rams are regal Immortal entities that fall under the dominion of Dionysus. They are proud and powerful beings, and quite large for rams, often being about the size of a small SUV. Their fur can be any type and array of colors, from shaggy to near dreadlock to short and sleek. Their horns...
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