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Demeter's Grounding Totem Demeter's Grounding Totem
Demeters Grounding Totem is a powerful Immortal Artifact that appears as a partially moss covered stone, a wooden sphere, a crystal of some kind, or a large seed, but can have its form changed by its owner through willpower or verbal request. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that appear on...
Demeter's Wish Seed Demeter's Wish Seed
The Wish Seed is an Immortal Artifact created by Demeter, appearing as a small colorful seed that looks like a gemstone. An Immortal Artifact is an non-physical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. It is planted by the Harvest Hare to create wishes that benefit your life. However, if...
Demeter's Gentle Nurturers Demeter's Gentle Nurturers
Demeters Gentle Nurturers are wonderful beings that are strongly aligned with the powers of the Earth element and have slightly fae-like and woodsy energy. They are beings of resplendence and growth. They enjoy tending to their human companions needs, and as a result, many can become quite romantic....
Demeter's Harvest Hare Demeter's Harvest Hare
Harvest Hare is an entity created by Demeter. It is normally a small hare that hops around on all fours but can stand up and on two legs, normally being about three to four feet in height. It has an energy thats light and wholesome, but also very earthy, feeling like maturing stalks of wheat swaying...
Demeter's Shepherd Demeter's Shepherd
The Demeter Shepherds are divine beings who are both created by Demeter and spirits who voluntarily took up this role. They act as guardians and advisors, protecting the living and helping bring their lives to flourish. They have an unfailing devotion to ensuring that you will be alright in life. They...
Demeter's Aether Leaf Companion Demeter's Aether Leaf Companion
Demeters Aether Leaf Companions are powerful entities created from a special tree whose roots reach down to the lowest vibration and whose branches rise to the highest. Every fiber of this wondrous tree radiates with pure, magickal power, brimming with the forces of creation, chaos, and harmony. Its...
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