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Baphomet's Ponder Sphere Baphomet's Ponder Sphere
Baphomet s Ponder Sphere is an Immortal Artifact which power lies primarily in the realm of the mind and thoughts. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral plane. This Immortal Artifact appears as a large green crystalline sphere about the size of a soccer ball,...
Baphomet's Little Goat Guide Baphomet's Little Goat Guide
Baphomet s Little Goat Guide is a being created by Baphomet that serves as equal part guide, mentor, and adorable companion. They aid with shadow work, exploring the self, and becoming more aware of internal workings. Their sweet and quirky personalities allow them to bring levity to things that may...
Baphomet's Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies Baphomet's Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies
Baphomet s Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies are very intriguing beings with a dapper sense of fashion, charming personalities, and an often extraordinarily dark sense of humor. They are created beings, shaped by Baphomet s power, and have a spectrum of appearances from bipedal, humanoid goat to...
Baphomet's Sapitena Baphomet's Sapitena
Baphomet s Sapitena are beings who have followed Baphomet, or Baphomet-like Immortals, throughout various lives. They have a variety of occupations, often warriors and mystics, healers and magicians, but the vast majority of them have never lived a life on Earth. Many have lived out existences close...
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