Athena's Owl Sentry
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This offering is provided by Athena

Athena's Owl Sentry is a monstrous owl the size of a person who's sole duty is ensuring that nothing with ill intent enters your space. They will find a good spot where they can watch everything, or if no such spot exists, they will circle high above. You may even hear the flapping of monstrous wings late at night, as that is when they are most active.

They rarely talk with their keeper, and any conversation that they may have will consist of short sentences. Some may be more personal as they do have unique personalities, some are even cuddly and sweet at times, but when they are on watch, they are on watch, and they are almost always on watch unless you want them to be doing otherwise.

To those who would enter your space with ill intentions, they will drive out with the sheer force of their terrifying presence. This is not limited to spirits and entities, but can also drive away people as well. It's up to you what you want them to protect. They are experts at both illusion and defensive magicks, both ancient and new alike. They can help you gain a better understanding of both, and are willing to teach you.

They work best guarding a place, but they can also be on the go watching you (or another) as you go about your day. It is also normal to get the feeling that something massive is watching you; it is how you know they are there. It is also normal to find your home littered with protective wards all over EVERYTHING (I'm talking even the toilet paper). This is something that you can talk to them about, but they use the wards to prevent bad energy from rooting itself into anything.

These massive entities appear as black or dark brown because their need to be large and intimidating. They may glow with a faint red light or can appear as pure aqua light.

Naturally, having this creature in your spirit family also means you can gain a stronger connection to Athena, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Athena is not a necessity, but it may make your Owl even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Athena's Owl Sentry
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