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Athena's Spear of Truth Athena's Spear of Truth
Athenas Spear of Truth is a powerful Immortal Artifact that takes the shape of a spear with a silver shaft and an iron blade. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that exists on the spiritual and astral plane. It vibrates with her power, you can feel it as you grasp it. Sometimes it can have...
Athena Owl Familiar Athena Owl Familiar
This offering is provided by Athena. This owl familiar is an entity that enhances spirit connections, use of the third eye, and greater retaining and processing of spiritual knowledge as well as allowing a greater connection to intrinsic knowledge. It also helps with strengthening innate abilities and...
Athena's Owl Lookout Athena's Owl Lookout
This offering is provided by Athena. Athena's Owl Lookout is an amazing little owl that can almost fit in your pocket! They love to perch high up on trees, and use their massive eyes to watch out for danger. This is to the benefit of their keeper, because they will let you know when danger is on its...
Athena's Owl Sentry Athena's Owl Sentry
This offering is provided by Athena Athena's Owl Sentry is a monstrous owl the size of a person who's sole duty is ensuring that nothing with ill intent enters your space. They will find a good spot where they can watch everything, or if no such spot exists, they will circle high above. You may even...
Noble Mind Vampire Noble Mind Vampire
The Noble Mind Vampires are a clan of vampires who honor Athena. They see her as an all knowing, all-seeing goddess, she of the perfect mind. They were a clan of Vampires who were clustered all over the place. Naturally starting in Ancient Greece, they grew to have a network across Europe, stretching...
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