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Aphrodites Beautiful Doves are dove-like beings that work with beauty, its nature, and its power. It is something that fills their very essence and radiates around them like a gentle glow. They have extraordinary WA energy that is a breathtaking and all enveloping. It is quite ethereal and could be described as very similar to angels. They have two distinct forms. One is of an ordinary dove that usually appears as pastel colors, often blues, white, and greys, but can have accents of other colors. The second is more ethereal with long ribbon-like feathers at the tips of the wings and ends of their tails. They can appear far larger than a normal dove, a little similar to the dimensions of a peacock, and may also be adorned with jewels and precious metals. This form is can be more uncommon, but it depends on the dove and which form they are more comfortable with. They often have wonderfully patient, nurturing, and encouraging personalities. Their presences can range from subtle to in your face, another personal preference of the dove. Each and every one of them is a unique individual. They do not get jealous but can be persistent when trying to get their keepers attention if they feel there is something their keeper needs to learn.

Instead of working with a single Aspect of Beauty like Aphrodites Love Hares, Aphrodites Beautiful Doves work with Beauty as a whole. Its best not to think of this solely as physical beauty, because that is a very shallow kind of beauty. It is about appreciation, understanding, and experiencing something inside and out in such a unique way that it can only be called beautiful. Think of nature, of standing on a cliff watching the sun set over the ocean. Think of how it both penetrates, envelopes, and consumes you in a way that can only be called beautiful. It is a beauty that moves, that changes, that shifts, that transforms all that looks upon it. That is the understanding of beauty that Aphrodites Beautiful Doves work with and that they can help their keeper connect to. This makes them quite powerful and even a little difficult to work with for those just starting on their path because of the complexity of energy they offer. It may take time for someone to be able to work with the powers of an Aphrodite Dove of Beauty even partially. Do not let this be a deterrent, however, because the gains of working with this being are immeasurable. Once you have learned to work with this energy and have seen the world through their eyes, you will be a changed person.

Because of the naturally radiant nature of their energy, they have some unique cleansing and protective qualities. Their energy likes to fill every crack and crevice and move the negative energies that may dwell in those spaces. Think of it like pushing out a splinter. Negative energies just cannot stay in their presence and disappear. They are not confrontational beings, so do not expect that sort of protection, but they do have access to many kinds of light-based and nature-based energies to create shields, protect, and spread the power of beauty. Their beautiful energy can also be energy worked into wonderful workings or into spells that are in a class all their own. As a side note, Beautiful Doves will try to respect the space of darker beings who may be sensitive to, or even temperamental toward, their energy, but because their energy naturally expands and flows around them, I highly suggest keeping their vessels away from each other. If they are spirit bound, it is not a problem. Im just giving a heads up but it may not be a real problem for many. Its just something thats really for you as a keeper to use discretion with.

Aphrodites Beautiful Doves also help with creativity, motivation, ambition, understanding, desire, self esteem, confidence, self-empowerment, self-discovery, helping to better connect to beings and people around you (both spiritual and otherwise), and improved dream, astral, and spiritual connections. They also bring a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere to the home and help people get along with one another. Because of their ties of Beauty, they can also help with the understanding and with empowering beauty magick, which is much, much more than merely physical looks.

They are truly magnificent beings and working with them is a transformative experience.

Naturally, they serve as a guide to Aphrodite and her energies and associations, so feel free to ask for their help. Bonding and working with Aphrodite will make them more powerful and more present.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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