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Within this store, you'll find beings fantastical and magnificent, otherworldly and mysterious, adorable and awe-worthy! Many make for wonderful companions, excellent friends, and an amazing aid to your spiritual journey and complement to your life. After befriending and earning the respect of many gods and goddesses, I was able to open my humble little store and am now incredibly grateful for the opportunity to offer these amazing beings and workings. Some work well with anyone, others are for those with unique tastes or who are at a certain step on their spiritual journey.

Feel free to look around, relax, and make yourself at home. Get a greater sense of who you are as a person and what truly calls to you within your heart and within your soul.

If you have any questions, never be afraid to ask.

Check out the Blog for any details on Sales and Promotions!

As an aside, I'm forced by law to state that all listings in this website should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. Despite that tag, I take what I do quite seriously. 

Also, please do not leave me your number on the contact page. I will not be calling you so don't worry. :) I prefer being emailed at

Current Ongoing Promotion: For every $150 spent in an order earns a freebie $30 Immortal Artifact or a $30 Artifact Upgrade!

All seasonal listings are currently unlocked. Those that function within a limited window will be reworked so they can be made available year round. I hope to have those available soon.