Zeus' Sparky Hedgehog
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The Sparky Hedgehog is a powerful yet adorable little electrified entity that is created by Zeus. They have wonderful powers despite their tiny cute exterior! They hold a lot of energy inside their little bodies and they can use this to create an energetic atmosphere that can aid in easier manifestation and communication with your spirits and entities. Instead of working with your third eye, this small hedgehog mainly works with the spirits themselves, giving them a boost to their energy and power. The boost can be adjusted, but what happens depends on your spirits and entities and how they choose to use the energy. Some may have the boost and may not want to do a lot with it while others will go all out. This hedgehog helps to make those rare manifestations easier for your spirits to attain. This powerful energy is also something you can also work with directly in your own spells and energy workings. They can even help boost the presence of an individual spirit you might be working with instead of improving in an area or can increase the effects of a spell or spelled item you want to use in your day. They are wonderful little batteries!

The hedgehogs themselves serve as adorable companions that always love to spend time with their keeper. They are a little bigger than both hands cupped together, and can be a variety of colors. Their quills will never prick you or your aura no matter how hard you press against them, but their quills are packed with powerful electrical energy that can shock or even paralyze whatever they choose. They can project this as a shield to surround you, but it is most potent in their quills. This power affects anything with ill-intent, including people in a few rare emergency cases. I've pressed my fingers against the quills of my own hedgehog before, and while it didn't pierce, I could feel the powerful currents of electricity teeming within. Believe me, if the quills pierce something with ill-intent, it will be an experience they are unlikely to forget. Once again, this does include living people. I had to ask Zeus to make sure I had this right, but he confirmed it, and said that in a sense, they could work as a tiny, half-powered spiritual taser. It is just enough to freak a physical person out and know to leave you the heck alone. This actually puts me at comfort for my own sake because at least I know I have some sort of physical defense for the just in case none of us want to be in. However, don't feel that this ability puts the Hedgehogs in a Dark Arts category. This ability is pure self-defense, and is done out of love, instinct, and protection. There's little choice in it for the little hedgehog. If you want, you could consider them a mid-Gray Arts being, but I consider them full White Arts.

They get along with everyone and are a very personable entity. They are not jealous and always want the best for everyone. They are created from Zeus' energy, but each one is a unique individual and uniquely matched to you! Mine is sweet, shy, sleepy, and enjoys licking me on the face to show affection. They make an excellent addition to any family!

Just a warning about these little guys. Do not keep them near you when you want them to create an energetic atmosphere. I'm talking more right next to you than in the same room. Depending on your sensitivity to energy, you could be in a lot of pain if they get excited. I've had my chakras wig out and have had muscles cramps in their presence. Also, because of this highly energetic nature, I highly recommend you have the ability to ground yourself. Zeus' binding does eliminate a lot of negative effects when working with a creature like this, but I'm giving a warning for the just in case.

Naturally, having one of these entities in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Zeus, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Zeus is not a necessity, but it may make your Sparky Hedgehog even stronger.

This offering can be spirit bound or remotely bound to a vessel already in your possession, I merely need the picture sent to me. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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Zeus' Sparky Hedgehog
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