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Tyches Gold Phoenix is a powerful immortal, astral entity that resonates with Tyches powers over fortune and prosperity. They are gorgeous beings, appearing both as a large phoenix made of golden flames with accents of other vibrant colors and a smaller feathered form with golden plumage and similar accents. Each one is unique, appearing heavenly and clearly beyond the mortal world, harboring incredible celestial powers. The area around them ripples with incredible vibrations and being exposed to such an energy will create many phenomenal effects for both humans and spiritual beings alike. A Tyche Gold Phoenix is a wonderful companion to bond with, but they are also a true gift for the whole spiritual environment around themselves, bringing forth vitality, prosperity, and harmony.

The energy of a Gold Phoenix is bright and refreshing. It wafts gently off the phoenix like a breeze, making all around feel soothed. The energy naturally relieves tension, stress, and helps alleviate fears and doubts. Any energy that is muddled or has its flow constricted is untangled over time as it is continually exposed to a Tyches Gold Phoenix. This means all energies bathed around the Gold Phoenix will take on a more fluid and relaxed state, which will improve communication with and the manifestations of spirits, and will also help your chakras and aura be cleansed, eased, and renewed. The energy of a Tyche Gold Phoenix makes any environment it stays within feel rich and harmonious as all conflicting and negative energies are tumbled down to reveal their inner goodness. Blockages of all kinds are also eroded away, be they emotional, energetic, spiritual, mental, etc. These are not just the blockages that prevent progress on your spiritual journey but also blockages that prevent progress in life, such as old wounds that refuse to be looked at, problems that seem too huge and thus are always avoided, and miscommunication between two or more persons who would otherwise get along quite well. The Gold Phoenix will not make anything feel forced, like youre pressured to resolve something, but youll one day find the resistance is simply no longer there.

The personalities of Tyches Gold Phoenixes are all different but they are all generally playful and good natured. They often feel quite removed from your everyday sphere, making them feel aloof or beyond you, which can be intimidating at the start, but for Gold Phoenixes there is never any rush. As you acclimate to their presence, youll find them to be quite intriguing to be around. They do not intrude on your space, but definitely let you know when they are nearby. They only engage and initiate when you are comfortable and say it is okay. Until that point, youll have “sightings” of them and can feel their subtle influence, but they will not be overly talkative, more apt to observe you. When you are ready, youll find a deeply loyal friend who will be there for you whenever you need them most. They are ridiculously easy to communicate with and are prone to frequent manifestations such as flashes of light, fog, audible happenings, and very direct telepathic thoughts. Despite being associated with bright energy, Gold Phoenixes are actually Dark Arts and can be at any spot on the DA Spectrum. They are always kind hearted, but for those who would trespass into a Gold Phoenix's territory will have hell to pay.

Naturally, having a Tyche Gold Phoenix in your keep will improve your connection to Tyche. Working with Tyche is not necessary to bond with a Tyche Gold Phoenix successfully, but if Tyche takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please message me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com after purchase and let me know if youd like to have your Tyches Gold Phoenix bound to a vessel that you own or to your spirit. I do NOT currently have vessel options as I have no physical inventory.

Legal Information: I am bound by law to state that this listing should be considered for Entertainment Purposes Only. That said, I do take what I do quite seriously.

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