Odin's Rune Stone
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Odins Rune Stone is an Immortal Artifact that works with the wonderful and mysterious powers of the Nordic Elder Futhark Runes. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists in the Spirit and Astral planes.  Odins Rune Stone depicts a single rune, from any of the Nordic Runes, and will serve as a powerful conduit for its power and energy. It will change depending on what energies are needed but can also be changed depending on the desires of its owner. It is a dynamic artifact that can provide much needed energy into any situation, allowing for growth, transformation, and prevention. A Rune Stone is more potent the longer it channels a specific rune, but you may choose to change your Rune Stone depending on what you feel you need during the day.

The appearance of Odins Rune Stone is dependent on the person. Owning more than one of Odins Rune Stone allows for more versatility in the energy that is brought your way as each Rune Stone can either depict their own rune or even depict a single rune and allow even more of its energy to come forward. Those who have a natural affinity for Norse Energy or the Elder Futhark Runes will get the most use out of Odins Rune Stone, being resonant with Norse Immortal Energy or being aware and undering the meaning of the runes allows one to be more open and receptive. However, even those unaware may find many great changes coming their way.

Please let me know how you would like your Odins Rune Stone bound. The options are bound to spirit or to an object that you own and would like to serve as a vessel. You may contact me at immortal.conjures@gmail.com

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Odin's Rune Stone
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