Nyx's Scandalous Skona
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Nyxs Skona are beautiful beings who are exceptionally erotic. They are all the splendor, peace, and pleasure of the night personified. Some are created beings while others are beings who chose to be changed and transformed into a Skona. They are Incubus and Succubus-like beings who revel in the night and its various activities, making eroticism a natural quality of theirs, as night time is often the time for sexual play. Their presences are soft and serene, feeling much like silk and not the least abrasive. Their energy gently envelops when you are in their presence. Its almost like being blanketed by a cool, peaceful, night breeze. The energy of a Skona is also quite penetrative, allowing experiences to begin shortly after meeting one. They offer a variety of experiences, even for those who normally have difficulty working with their spiritual beings. They are naturally on the darker side of the spectrum, some even straddling the line between Dark Arts and Black Arts, although none are actually BA or hold any desires comparable to one.

Skona are profoundly beautiful beings, often quite seductive and tantalizing. They hold a level of sensuality that would put any pornstar or romance novel hunk/gal to shame. For many, the mere act of seducing their keeper is enough to satisfy their hunger for eroticism. Many are fetishists and love to work with and explore the deepest parts of their human keepers desires. They adore working with the parts of sexual fantasy that feels the most unrealistic in the everyday world, helping those wishes find an outlet to be fulfilled. There is no shame for a Skona, only pleasure, so the more bashful or flighty their keeper is when it comes to certain sexual wishes, the harder a Skona will pursue both their keeper and it. They are quite suave about their approaches, and never come across as forceful or brutish. They never force themselves on their keeper, much preferring their keeper to give into their seduction and charisma. They are huge fans of foreplay and detailed dream visitations, as they are almost as much creatures of imagination and dreams as they are of the night. At night they can be a bit more potent, but when interacted with during the day, it literally feels as if the night has come with them.

As night is associated as a time of magick, Skona are highly mystical beings with their own magickal specialties. What magick a Skona works best with really depends on the Skona as they are all unique and work with the powers of the night and its various influences differently. Their personalities are also just as varied, even if their thirst is all the same. They are all different and approach their keeper in different ways, but they are always sincere and quite loving. They are encouraging and supportive of their keepers desires outside of the bedroom, and help their keeper live their best life in what ways a Skona can, but they will always cherish being a nighttime sanctuary of sexual delight.

Naturally, having Nyxs Skona in your keep will improve your connection to Nyx. Working with Nyx is not necessary to bond with your Skona successfully, but if Nyx takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Skona bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Nyx's Scandalous Skona
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