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Nephthys' Auspicious Compass Nephthys' Auspicious Compass
Nephthys Auspicious Compass is an Immortal Artifact that focuses on providing direction in metaphysical matters. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. The Auspicious Compass appears made out of two metal disks with a pointing arrow on top. The arrow...
Nephthys' Shadowed Ones Nephthys' Shadowed Ones
Nephthys Shadowed Ones are humans spirits who previously worked with the dead and unliving. In life, they aided those who could not help themselves and enabled them to move on to other places, freeing them. Now, in death, they serve Nephthys and continue what they had done in life. What makes the Shadowed...
Nephthys' Shadow Foxes Nephthys' Shadow Foxes
Nephthys Shadow Foxes are intriguing spirits who appear as long, ribbony beings with a foxes head. They often float around, much like a streamer, and their bodies can be dark, opalescent, or sparkling like stars. They also can appear like adorable little fennec foxes with similar colorings or shadows...
Nephthys' Guardians of the Duat Nephthys' Guardians of the Duat
The Guardians of the Duat fall are spirits who serve and fall under Nephthys power. They are beings of a darker energy who serve as protectors, guides, and companions, appearing anthropomorphic with the heads of animals and the bodies of humans. They can appear entirely human or animal, but hybrid form...
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