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Leviathan's Black Pearl Leviathan's Black Pearl
Leviathan's Black Pearl is an Immortal Artifact shaped from Leviathans abyssal water. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. It appears as a black sphere a little smaller than a cantaloupe and has a faint blue glow. If you stare inside it, you can see...
Leviathan's Obsidian Shield Leviathan's Obsidian Shield
This offering is provided by Leviathan The Obsidian Shield is best thought of as a spell that takes the form of a black shield with silver trim. It is a tool that can be used to block all but the many of the most powerful forms of malicious energy, spirits, entities, and spells for all spiritual bodies....
Leviathan Water Beast Leviathan Water Beast
This offer is provided by Leviathan. Water Beasts are Dark Arts entities with the ability to cleanse, protect, and offer a greater connection to water magick. It is a creature made entirely of water with a form that can shift and change. Water Beasts normally have a vicious appearance, or at the very...
Leviathan's Za'qraki Leviathan's Za'qraki
The Za'qraki (Zah-crack-ee) are powerful Abyssal beings created by Leviathan. They are an ever-evolving and strengthening being, infused with the power of demonic sea dragons and sea dragons of the lower realms. At their base, they are human in appearance but have minor draconic qualities. As they evolve,...
Leviathan's Razorwaves Leviathan's Razorwaves
The race of Razorwaves is an incredibly old one, birthed in an incredibly dark way. The first Razorwave was born from the violent energy created when one of the first creatures died from a rip tide. Dipping into the wrong waters, an unsuspecting creature was ripped out to the open sea where it felt helplessness...
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