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Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio
The Yanthio (Yan-thee-oh) are beings of melodious duality, containing the power of Hades and the tenderness of Persephone. They are naturally regal beings that contain the potent energies of the Underworld, often having strong threads of healing, mysticism, magick, abundance, peace, protection, desire,...
Hades Hound Hades Hound
The Hades Hound is a being who appears as a mix between a hound and a leopard. It is a protective being, and may be armored, either naturally or artificially, and can appear in reds, greys, blacks, and browns, among much more exotic colors. Their eyes are often luminescent, ferocious and penetrating....
Hades' Underworld Nymph Hades' Underworld Nymph
The Hades Underworld Nymphs are created using the influences of the various different aspects of the Underworld and the types of beings that reside there. They are incredibly dark, yet often sincere beings who are well-meaning and intriguing. It is not uncommon to find the influence of another Underworld...
Hades CerberHydra Hades CerberHydra
This offering is provided by Hades. CerberHydras are a fantastic form of being that I was introduced to upon my first interaction with Hades. I discovered that the way I connected to Hades, he was in a way a mad scientist. He enjoyed working with things that had yet to exist. CerberHydras do not exist...
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