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Eros' Erotic Shard Eros' Erotic Shard
Eros Erotic Shard is an Immortal Artifact shaped from pure, potent Eroticism. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. The Erotic Shard usually appears as a white tetrahedron with dark gray edges. It is able to create focused bursts of erotic power that can...
Eros' Eryat Eros' Eryat
Eros Eryat (Ur-yaht) are beings suffused with beneficial, positive sexual energies. They are lovely beings that are born naturally from Eros energy, when that energy is properly directed. They are cousins to Erotes but quieter as they work in the background, and as such, will not be very social at first....
Eros' Erera Eros' Erera
Eros Erera ( Eh - rare- ah) are beings created by Eros that epitomize love, healing, and learning how to express your personal truth. They have a light and vibrant energy, holding a unique resonance to the heart and throat chakra: representing emotions and expression, respectively. However, their healing...
Eros' Erodit Eros' Erodit
Eros Erodits are graceful and elegant beings created by Eros. They personify an ethereal form of love that is lofty and serene, the sort of love that can only be described in humans as head over heels with their head in the clouds . They are an embodiment of this euphoric feeling and help to produce...
Eros' Erondi Eros' Erondi
Eros Erondi (Eh-ron-dee) are beings of intense eroticism, entities formed from the collected astral echoes of love, sex, and desire. Erondi are shapeshifters able to connect to their companions on many erotic levels to provide a potent experience. Although, they do have their preferences. They are very...
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