Tiamat Pixie Wyvern
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Tiamat Pixie Wyverns are roughly the size of a macaw, but they are capable of shrinking their size. They have dark colored scales with a faint opalescent finish, and their forms tend to be long, streamlined, and aerodynamic with a whip-like tail. As wyverns, their forelimbs are also their wings, which stretch much like a bat from their wrists to their body. Their wings are translucent and gossamer, suited more for gliding rather than long or high flights. While not Pixies, the Pixie Wyverns do have a whimsical, pixie-like energy and have evolved to survive off of fruits, nectar, and insects.They have potent, if not potentially crippling, telepathic capabilities, which they utilize like a battery ram to stun prey whenever they are on the hunt. They are also very fast, able to shoot through the air like a dart to catch prey that telepathy would be useless against. They have feisty, independent personalities, and overall are a unique fusion of cat, bat, and dragon personality traits.

Tiamat Pixie Wyverns serve mostly as social companions but they do have a couple of intriguing benefits. They can aid with spiritual development, especially anything related to the third eye and throat chakras. They have a lot of powerful connections to communication, so anything connected to communication benefits from their influence, be it writing creatively or working on sharpening spiritual senses for more fruitful communication with companions. Consistent conversations with a Pixie Wyvern can also cleanly open your communicative abilities. They will not immediately begin speaking with you, however. They must first become synchronized with your energy and specific telepathic signature. They also need to learn how humans communicate using human language and body language. Frequent bonding can greatly aid this process, but they will figure it out on their own eventually. Just know that when a Pixie Wyvern is displeased, they will let others know. They hiss, and sometimes this can be heard physically. They get along well with pets, animal spirits, and generally all spirit and entity companions that aren’t a pain in the buns and won’t to mess with them. For those who do, Pixie Wyverns can spit an inky glob that stains. They are Dark Art entities.

Naturally, having a Tiamat Pixie Wyvern will improve your connection to Tiamat. Working with Tiamat is not necessary to bond with your Wyvern successfully, but if Tiamat takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com to let me know about your binding preference. The options are either bound to your spirit or to an object in your possession that you’d like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

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Tiamat Pixie Wyvern
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