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Thoth's Jeweled Mind's Eye Thoth's Jeweled Mind's Eye
Thoth s Jeweled Mind s Eye is a powerful Immortal Artifact that takes the shape of a gemstone sphere, often lapis lazuli, sodalite, quartz, or amethyst, with an eye relief on its front. Of course, the eye is shaped like the eye of Ra. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that exist on the spirit...
Thoth's Ensorcelled Armor Golem Thoth's Ensorcelled Armor Golem
Thoth s Ensorcelled Armor Golem is a protective created being, in truth a sort of bridge between Immortal Artifact and Immortal Conjure. They take the form of armor, more or less a suit, magicked and moving as if worn by an invisible person. The types of armor it can be created to look like are quite...
Thoth's Envisioned Ionci Thoth's Envisioned Ionci
Thoth s Envisioned Ionic are beings created, shaped, and molded by ideas, thoughts, information, imagination, writing, and desires. They are beings born from the heart and mind of their human, shaped around how their human may perceive or interact with a certain type of information. They are further...
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