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Set's Chaos Pylon Set's Chaos Pylon
Set s Chaos Pylon is a conduit of Set s power over chaos. However, rather than chaos being a pure destructive force, his power comes forth as something dynamic, transformative, and liberating. The Chaos Pylon channels distinct forms of Chaos Set is associated with, all very elemental in nature. Different...
Set's Sand Beast Set's Sand Beast
Set s Sand Beast is a protective being created by Set, shaped by sand and the ever hungry nature of the desert. They have a playful and often humorous personality, but they can be damn frightening when engaging with a threat. They often appear as some sort of animal, like a fox or wolf, but can also...
Set's Chaosborn Set's Chaosborn
Set s Chaosborn are created beings shaped by the chaos of sandstorms, storms, fire, and other various forms whirled into a being. They are natural shapeshifters, often having potent magickal and transformative capabilities that usher forth beneficial change. However, in order for good change to set in,...
Set's Eloquent Madness Set's Eloquent Madness
Set s Eloquent Madness are beings created by Set with a unique duality. They have two forms, one is elegant and picture perfect, like a model straight out of a magazine. They are suave, sophisticated, and addictingly charming. But their other form is an unspeakable, indescribable chaos given shape that...
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