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Sekhmet's Fury Pylon Sekhmet's Fury Pylon
Sekhmet s Fury Pylon is an Immortal Artifact created by Sekhmet s power. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist in the spirit and astral planes. Despite being called Fury , the Fury Pylon does not connect to anger, rather it interprets fury as a relentless force but still a sort of focused...
Sekhmet's Guardian Lions of War Sekhmet's Guardian Lions of War
Sekhmet s Lion Guardians of War are all spirits who were warriors in life and swore fealty to Sekhmet. The reward for their piety was being fused with the primal and noble power of the lion, and other large felines, giving them the ability to turn into a large predatory cat and new, varied capabilities....
Sekhmet's Sunfire Lion Shifters Sekhmet's Sunfire Lion Shifters
Sekhmet s Sunfire Lion Shifters are powerful, created, solar-aligned beings who are capable of taking on a human, lion, or hybrid form. They are noble and kind beings who can become quite terrifying should their ire be raised. They have a powerful alignment to solar energies, particularly concerning...
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