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Poseidon's Sea Fae Poseidon's Sea Fae
The Poseidon Sea Fae are descended from Poseidon. They are about three to five feet in height, and in their true forms, their skin is quite colorful, reflecting the many sea creatures who call the shallows home. However, they also enjoy appearing in a human-like form, appearing with beautiful skin colors...
Poseidon's Opal Octopus Poseidon's Opal Octopus
Poseidons Opal Octopus is a peculiar being from Poseidon, taking the shape of a white octopus with an opalescent quality that shines from underneath its skin, making light dance across its body in various multi-colored rays as it moves. It is an extraordinarily beautiful being that can change the color...
Poseidon Ocean Nymph Poseidon Ocean Nymph
Poseidon Ocean Nymphs are beings created by Poseidon and serve him and his power over the seas and oceans. While these are named Ocean Nymphs, they are very different from what we think of classically as Oceanids and Nerieds, who have very specific origins. Poseidon Ocean Nymphs are wonderful and powerful...
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