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Persephone's Auspicious Apple Sprout Persephone's Auspicious Apple Sprout
The Auspicious Apple Sprout is a sort of Charm, looking like the sproutling stem of an apple tree made out of precious metals and a single flower at its top. You may ask the sprout for a single thing, sort of like a wish. It works best with asking for certain energies to be brought forward into your...
Persephone's Gilded Shadow Flower Vine Persephone's Gilded Shadow Flower Vine
The Gilded Shadow Flower Vine is a charm created by Persephone. It takes the form of a gilded vine with blooming flowers that have petals of shadow. It has a rich and vibrant energy, feeding off distrating and negative energies in a room and bringing forward beneficial energies that support whatever...
Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio
The Yanthio (Yan-thee-oh) are beings of melodious duality, containing the power of Hades and the tenderness of Persephone. They are naturally regal beings that contain the potent energies of the Underworld, often having strong threads of healing, mysticism, magick, abundance, peace, protection, desire,...
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