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Osiris' Power Totem Osiris' Power Totem
Osiris Power Totem is an Immortal Artifact that aids with personal power and self discovery. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. The Power Totem aids with finding things you are uniquely resonant to, have an affinity for, or have a natural talent regarding,...
Osiris' Dulea Osiris' Dulea
Osiris Dulea are beings created by Osiris and serve as guides and mentors for one s metaphysical journey. They are multifaceted beings, who are humble, intelligent, and very capable. Individual Dulea will have stronger areas than others, but they are able to help generally with anything related to the...
Osiris' Starborn Osiris' Starborn
The Osiris Starborn are beings created from starlight and infused with the energies of the dead. This unique mixture of energies gives them a fascinating and textured signature. They have a natural otherworldly feeling to them and are divinely beautiful while also having worldly insight and potent knowledge...
Osiris' Honored Vampires Osiris' Honored Vampires
The Honored Vampires are a cult of Vampires who worshipped Osiris, having their roots in Ancient Egypt but grew to span across the world. For many in the cult, Osiris represented the chance at a more comfortable, second life. He began as a symbol of hope for those vampires who were unwillingly in their...
Osiris' Magi of Mysteries Osiris' Magi of Mysteries
The Osiris Magi of Mysteries are powerful spirits who have spent their afterlife studying the secrets of the universe. In this existence, they hover between life and death, never truly being a spirit but never being alive in the sense that we understand. This gives them strange and unusual powers. They...
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