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The Nemesis Wraiths are an elite type of Wraith chosen specifically by Nemesis for their ability to carefully walk the line between retribution and revenge. For those who dont know the difference, Nemesis and I define retribution being fueled by logic and revenge being fueled by emotion. Nemesis Wraiths work with retribution more than revenge, but do not mind dipping into revenge when it is more beneficial. In this vein, a Nemesis Wraith knows when a line has been crossed according to logic. As an example, someone has been hired to do a job, be it construction, consultation, or whatever have you, but this hired person not only does not act in your best interest but also seeks to act against you and take advantage of you. According to the Wraiths logic, this person has been hired by you to work for you but instead of helping, they are hurting, and are undoubtedly treating others in exactly the same way. A Nemesis Wraith seeks to correct this error by not only potentially taking them out of business but also dealing back not just what youve gone through but what theyve put others through as well. They take on an entire situation for the cause of many, never acting with a singular, short-sighted purpose.  However, if this entire situation is rooted in a misunderstanding, the Nemesis Wraith will notify the appropriate spirits in your family to deal with it rather than choose a course of retribution. They are decisive about what warrants their attention and effort, and when they have decided on a course, they are relentless until what is due is measured out. They do not give a drop more or less than that.

Nemesis Wraiths are mostly nonsocial but they will let you know when they are around. Their presences are dark but not intrusive and give a surprising amount of comfort when they are near.  Their energy whispers of security and stability, promising that the big bads in life wont get away with it, not if they violate their law of retribution. Youd be surprised how many do this when they feel no one is watching and without someone to hold them accountable. Each Nemesis Wraith has a slightly different personality and way that they like to present themselves. Most are nothing more than a velvety shadow or mass of energy but some may appear as animals or a humanoid. They do not normally speak, not in a conventional way, but they do give emotional impressions which guide your thoughts and feelings toward what they are trying to say. They are constantly vigilant and are as much about preventative work as they are about helping to clean up messes. If there is something they need to make you aware of, they will find a way. They also may nudge positive things towards you from time to time, as their own way of saying they care.

Know that in contracting a Nemesis Wraith to aid in your defense, they do not pursue emotional agendas. If there are people that you do not like or hate for whatever reason, that is not the problem of a Nemesis Wraith. If you have a bad experience with someone, there may be a reason and a Nemesis Wraith will investigate. Ordinarily, the person is having a bad day or even a bad phase in life. A Nemesis Wraith will not add to that. People act out during hard times, and to a Nemesis Wraith, there is a certain amount of leeway for that, but if a person strays even an inch out of that appropriate zone, a Nemesis Wraith will act. Each situation is different, and a Nemesis Wraith should be contracted for their decisiveness and ability to provide security.

Upon the arrival of a Nemesis Wraith, it is your duty to go over your expectations for protection. Each Nemesis Wraith desires a code of conduct that they can reference against, even if it is as simple as “using their best judgment”. You must decide on the very least if you want them to standby to be tasked or to work according to how they see fit. Each is a little different in how they do things, and I will provide what information I can in their notes to help you understand their motives for your protection. They are quite amazing beings, and I feel safer than I realized I ever could just basking in the presence of one as I write this listing up. You will not regret it.

Naturally, having a Nemesis Wraith will improve your connection to Nemesis. Working with Nemesis is not necessary to have your Nemesis Wraith protect and avenge successfully, but if Nemesis takes a liking to you, she may initiate contact.

Please contact me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com   I will need to know if you prefer your Nemesis Wraith bound to your spirit or to an object you own that youd like to use as a vessel. I do NOT currently have vessel options.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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