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Horus' Air Pylon Horus' Air Pylon
Horus Air Pylon is an Immortal Artifact that channels Horus command over air as well as his connections to leadership and the power of the pharaoh. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. The Air Pylon is quite varied in its uses and different individuals...
Horus' Zanja Horus' Zanja
Horus Zanja are beings created by Horus with the intention of helping to push the limits and strengthen communication abilities and perceptions. They essentially specialize in being really loud and present. Fortunately, they have sweet, often snarky, personalities and a lot of charisma, making them very...
Horus' Airborn Horus' Airborn
Horus Airborn are beings created by Horus, shaped by element of air, which has been additionally infused with the energies of sun and sand, and weaved with the commanding power of the pharaoh. As a result of this very textured energy, they tend to be regal and elegant beings with a clear sense of purpose,...
Horus' Astral Hawk Horus' Astral Hawk
Horus Astral Hawk is a powerful astral entity that serves and falls under Horus rulership. They are enormous beings, about the size of a Boeing 747, but they manifest at our vibration as hawks, as this is easier for us to comprehend. They are beings of intense astral power and resonate strongly with...
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