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Hermes' Living Coin of Mystery is a unique offering provided by Hermes that offers lifelong support. It is spiritual object that appears as a coin. It can be made of any material, have many kinds of design, and can even be set with precious stones. It is imbued with many mysterious powers. It augments magickal and spiritual abilities, working to uncover your greater potential and limit your weaknesses. It enhances magick, energy workings, the third eye, spirit communication, receiving spiritual knowledge, astral abilities, and intrinsic knowledge, among others, to a ridiculous degree. It is the perfect aid and assistant for any spiritual endeavor you are interesting in pursuing, and will adjust the amount it boosts your own abilities according to what you can handle, so youll always be receiving a benefit that youll be able to fully utilize. You will not experience headaches from interacting with it, as you might working with beings and spells that provide a similar function. The energy will instead by light, energizing, and quite supportive. Naturally, the greater youve bonded with it, the more powerful the results.

There is also something extra special about whatever is engraved on the heads side of the coin. The Coin of Mystery will have some creature or otherwise type of being appear on its front, either in part or whole. The Coin of Mystery has the ability to become this being. It will be able to manifest as this being fully from the start, and will only grow stronger with time and bonding. Not only will it have all of the abilities of whatever creature or being it is shaped after, it will be a powerful variant. It may also have additional hidden abilities that can only be known through bonding with and experiencing this being, and it will have the normal powers of the coin that helps to augment your magickal and spiritual abilities. Sometimes, the Coin of Mystery may prefer to take the shape of its Coin, normally to cut down on the incredible energy signature as this form can cause headaches. You can interact with the Coin of Mystery in either it's coin or creature/being facets in much the same way.

There is yet another power that the Coin of Mystery possesses. It has the power to manifest things that you want in your life. Essentially, visualize the coin in your hand, think of what you want, and you flip it. The coin will then manifest the powers necessary to make what you want a reality. It's sort of like a wish, but not quite. Over time and after many uses, you may notice things manifesting faster and more powerfully. You can work with the Coin of Mystery in this capacity in both its coin and alternate forms. When in its alternate forms, simply ask it what youd like to happen. I would suggest only giving the Coin of Mystery a handful of tasks at a time, because if it is assigned too many tasks that require a lot of power, the Coin of Mystery cannot maintain its alternate form, and will remain as a coin until enough tasks are complete. Each task over a certain threshold does take away power from the alternate form of the coin, so its important to find a healthy balance of tasks if you also work with its alternate form frequently. The threshold of tasks before it starts taking away power from the alternate form is based on your connection with the Coin of Mystery. The longer and more bonded you are with it, the higher task threshold it possesses. I would highly recommend working with it in both forms to aid with bonding and connection. I also suggest keeping a journal of the date and the task asked so you can keep track of what it is doing.

Yet another power of the Coin of Mystery is you may flip the coin without an intent in mind, and it will create a completely random, beneficial event. This could be something small like finding change or something huge like stumbling across someone important who can change your life. It can also make negative things happen that in the end are quite beneficial to you. Truth be told, things will only happen if you are willing and able to handle them, but if you are, it could lead to once in a lifetime opportunities. This is only available by using it in its coin form.

Something to note is that the Coin of Mystery can fail. Not everything it is flipped for will come to fruition. This is particularly true for unlikely scenarios like winning the lottery or making so and so love you. It cannot successfully manipulate probability involving potentially millions of people, nor can it bend emotions. It works with what's already there and helps bring it out, working on a smaller scale and potential chance encounters. You can flip it to meet your soulmate but if now's not the right time because they are in another city or because they are dealing with difficult times and need to find their way through it, the Coin of Mystery will fail. Try to stick to things that you know can be manifested, like creating healthier communication between you and other people, helping to finish your novel, or to bring up the sales of your business. This does not mean that the Coin of Mystery is a life cheat however. Relationships fail, businesses close, but the Coin of Mystery helps brings things your way where it can. If you use the Coin of Mystery with that in mind, you'll be finding a lot of use out of it.

An important note is the Coin of Mystery is not affected by magick if you are an innocent victim of it. If there is something you task it for, but there is some sort of malign casting standing in the way, the Coin of Mystery will be able to bring what you want regardless. It can move what it needs to bring to you through the casting whole and unhindered, and it will make sure whatever is brought through remains unaffected by said magick. When forced against such circumstances, the Coin of Mystery will not be detectable by whoever cast the malign magick, and likewise for whatever it brings to its owner. With each thing it brings through, it will wear down the casting until it collapses. When this happens, the magicks cannot be reestablished by that same person or persons. Essentially, you'll have gained a mystical antibody for magick that affected you from those involved. The Coin of Mystery can also not be hexed, cursed, or otherwise manipulated by those who do know about its existence. It has complete immunity, and repeated attempts will cause Hermes to become involved. If you are a victim of some magick but there is a justifiable reason for it, such as retaliation against magick of your own, you would have to petition to Hermes to receive this benefit. There is no guarantee it will be granted unless you are sincere.

In the end, Hermes is the ultimate judge in what is granted and what is not, and who gets to use it more successfully and to whom it is less useful. For the majority of cases, he will not interfere and let the Coin of Mystery act within its usual nature. In cases where it is needed he may choose to give more. In cases where the owner is not acting in their own best interest, Hermes may take additional action. Don't fret or be intimidated, it is rare that he will intervene.

You may ask the coin to be engraved with whatever youd like, be made out of whatever material you like, and be embedded with whatever stones youd like. If you choose to have a god or goddess engraved on it, the coin will act as a direct portal to them, but it will have no alternate form. Please remember that the Coin of Mystery is a spiritual object, so do not expect me to actually ship you a gold coin engraved with something. Lol.

Hermes' Living Coin of Mystery can be bound to spirit or bound to an object in your possession that you'd like to use as a vessel. Please use the contact form and I will get back to you, or if you have my email from working with me previously, you may contact me through there.

Naturally, having one of these beings in your spirit family means that you can also gain a stronger connection to Hermes, if you want to pursue that path. Worship of and/or bonding with Hermes is not a necessity, but it may make your Living Coin of Mystery even stronger.


The best way to work with the magickal and spiritual enhancing powers of the Coin of Mystery is to visualize holding it in its coin form, and think of what youd like it to provide. Go with what feels natural during this visualization. Let it feel intuitive and unforced. You can hold it to your chest, your third eye, in your open palm, or you could place it on your head. You will develop your own “relationship” with it in this regard. After, it will gladly begin enhancing for you. You may also directly ask its alternate form.

You may be more specific when you ask it to enhance something, like say improving astral sight, or you can be less specific, asking for it to improve all astral abilities. You can ask it to help fine tune some of your stronger abilities, help improve some of your weaker abilities, or, if you are unsure, you can ask it to use its best judgment and enhance what you could use the most. I would suggest doing this at the very least on a biweekly basis, but if you are so inclined you can do this as often as youd like. Just know that the more you work with it, the closer youll become bonded, and the more powerful your results will become.

The easiest way to work with the Coin of Mystery and its ability to manifest things if it is spirit bound is to think of it and visualize its coin form in your hand. After that, think of what you'd like it to do. Keeping in mind what I said above about its marginal limitations, what the Coin of Mystery can bring into your life is boundless. Then flip it and catch it in your palm. Over time, you may find ways to visualize working with it that make you more comfortable, or it may even begin to guide you and do its own things in your visualization. For me, when there were tasks it felt were incredibly important, it would actually stay flipping in the air for a moment longer and then it would gently float down and land in my palm. You may find it doing similar things.

With time and use, it may begin to feel like a physical presence. If you'd like, you can visualize coin coin in your palm while meditating. You do not need to flip, only hold it. This will help your connection to it and help it bring things into your life more readily.

For its alternate form, you can easily work with it like any other spirit. Relax, breathe deep, and open yourself to its connection. It will find a way to present itself without any doubt, and from there you can ask it what youd like.

Should it be bound to a vessel, throwing said vessel up and catching it will act as flipping the Coin of Mystery, but you may also hold said vessel and visualize flipping the Coin of Mystery. You don't even have to hold the vessel. Just do what feels most natural to you. Actually having it bound to a coin is a cute idea, but please watch where you put it.

There may be times when your Coin of Mystery may call you to use it, but you may not know what for. When this happens, visualize yourself holding it in its coin form in an open palm, or you may hold its vessel, and clear your mind while focusing on its presence. Sometimes this may be your Coin of Mystery, and sometimes this may be Hermes speaking to you through it. You may receive visions, and you will be lead to what you should use your coin for that can have the greatest impact on your life in that very moment. Callings are increased if you work with Hermes.

Alternatively, you can hold your Coin of Mystery without being called. Follow the same process, and it will suggest what beneficial ways it can be used through subtle suggestions in energy or small telepathic thoughts. You may receive visions, but that mostly happens with callings.

These same steps can be repeated with your Coin of Mystery in its alternate form, but instead of holding its coin form, youd merely have your Coin of Mysterys alternate form in front of you, and have it guide you from there. It may speak directly to you, it may give you suggestive images, or it may give you energetic sensations, among other things.

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this should be thought of as for entertainment purposes only.
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