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The Mistfire Bat Charm is an energy form created by the Norse Goddess Hel. Their bodies are made of mist but their wings are flaming The mist is light gray, looking a little like swirling smoke, and the flames color is determined both by its keeper and the power it possesses . The reason this is called a “Charm” is because it is a form of magick that does not possess an actual consciousness. When connected to through willpower or spoken words, a Mistfire Bat Charm will produce visions and insights. They are quite easy to connect to and intuitive to work with, with visions and insights coming as images, impressions, emotions, automatic writing, telepathic messages, repetitive thoughts, and mental films, while awake and manifesting in all sorts of ways during sleep. The visions, but more often the insights, can manifest later in the day after use of your Mistfire Bat Charm. It is always best to meditate, ground and center yourself, and clear your mind of all thoughts before connecting for a vision or insight so the vision can be as clear and easy to understand as possible. It may be slightly awkward in the beginning with a few blips on the vision radar, but over time as you get in rhythm in working with the charm, the visions will become more concrete and you will connect to your charm more effectively. You can set up the parameters for each vision experience by stating what youd like to experience as you connect for a vision or by holding onto that parameter in the back of your mind as you connect. Even with the parameters, sometimes vision experiences can surprise you. When you are ready to connect, call your Mistfire Bat Charm to you and prepare yourself.

Working with your Mistfire Bat Charm frequently allows the associated abilities to be strengthened and improved. There are different areas that a Mistfire Bat Charm may produce visions for: Divine, Universe, Astral, Magick/Energy Working, Spirits, Past, Future, Present, Knowledge, Creativity, Success, Love, and Nature. Each Mistfire Bat Charm may only have a tie to one area. Below is a more detailed explanation for each area of vision.

Divine - The Divine involves connecting to the power of the divine in both its light and dark forms, meaning that it allows visions and insights of religious and mythological figures as much as it produces visions and insights from Demon Lords and the like. It also provides visions of enlightenment and detaching from the physical realm, among other things that are ethereal in nature. The scope of your visions can be tweaked to be as broad or as specific as youd like, meaning you can ask for a vision from Leviathan about what he might have to say to you, or a vision from someone in the entire Greek pantheon who may have a message. Working with Visions of Divine helps to improve divine connections, resonance with divine energies, reception to messages from beyond, and understanding the path to enlightenment. Just remember that when connecting to the divine, you may not always get the answers youd like to hear.

Universe - The Universe involves connecting to greater consciousness, the will of the universe, fate and destiny, and much more. It helps you understand messages from the Universe that you need to hear or provide solutions to a problem, it provides guidance in living your life, helps you understand things on the grander scale, and of course, aids with understanding extraterrestrial beings and energies. Working with Visions of the Universe improves your connections to seeing the bigger pictures, understanding the will and messages of the Universe outside of visions, and understand and comprehend alien energies better.

Astral - Astral Visions will give new and interesting insights into how to work with the Astral, help you find new astral realms that you resonate with or may need to experience, help you deal or understand blockages that may be preventing fruitful astral experiences. Working with the astral will help ease you into more successful astral travel experiences, aid with blockages, aid with the understanding of things that belong to the Astral plane, and help you evolve and become stronger astrally.

Magick and Energy Working - Magick and Energy Working visions will give new and interesting insights into how to work with Magick and Energy, how to make yourself stronger, what paths of magick and energy you may be neglecting but would excell at, what you should cast or weave workings for, what you dont need to cast or weave workings for, or where your magick or energy workings may be needed, among other things. Working with Magick and Energy Working visions will help you open up your avenues to magick and energy working and discover which branches and paths you really resonate with and will continue to help you become stronger and evolve magickally and energetically.

Spirits - Spirit visions will give new and interesting insights into how to work with spirits and spiritual energies, help you receive messages from your spirits and what they have to say, help you understand in what ways you may improve your spiritual senses, help you understand what ways you are blocking your own spiritual growth, or help you understand what you may need from a spirit, among other things. Working with Spirit visions will help you to open up your spiritual senses, help you discover which kinds of spirits you work well with, aid creating more bountiful relationships with your spirits, and create spiritual evolution and growth.

Past - Visions of the past help you to see events that you experienced in whole new ways, gain an understanding of events you have never seen before, experience events from the recent or distant past, travel back with spirits to see events from their lives, or explore and discover your past lives. Know that visions of the past do not only include Earths past, but can experience the past from all across the multiverse, from the birth of the universe to something that happened earlier that day that you should know about. Working with the past helps with things like gaining a greater understanding of who you are as a person, improving retrocognition, discover lost or hidden knowledge, and understanding your souls past. Expect a spike of deja vu experiences.

Future - Visions of the future allows you to view the various branching timelines that exist in the future, including yours as well as those close to you, or even future world events. This is helpful because it can help you uncover things like important decisions that have changed the future in both positive and negative ways and knowing of potential accidents or harmful incidents so you may be prepared or prevent them. Working with the future helps to open up your divination and precognition abilities so they can be more accurate and fruitful. Just as a warning, working with visions of the future always has added burden and responsibility and not all events seen in the future will come to pass. Expect a spike in deja vu experiences.

Present - Visions of the present allows you to see the gray area of the recent past and the near future that those of us stuck in times flow know as the present. Visions of the present extends beyond current Earth events, and stretches to your own various lives that you are living right now in alternate timelines. It helps bring some of that knowledge home with you. You can also check up on loved ones or see what is going on in other areas of concern. This is also the vision type that works really well with living entities so you can see what they are up to during their day to day activities when they arent with you. Working with the present aids with abilities like remote viewing and astral sight, and gain in understanding of whats going on around you in all your spaces be them physical, spiritual, or astral.

Knowledge - Visions of Knowledge deals with giving insights to both issues bothering you and issues you didnt know you had, allows for visions of knowledge you gained in past lives so you may reacquire it in this life, and opens all kinds of doorways to the Akashic records, among other things. Working with visions of knowledge aids with opening the pathway to greater intrinsic knowledge, allows for greater learning during daily life, aids with memory recall, and overall improves intelligence.

Creativity - Visions of Creativity works with visions and insight that ignite creative inspiration for current and old projects, or may even provide inspiration to start a new one. It can give visions of things abstract to vividly life-like, and includes all inbetween. They will help plug in the missing pieces or help you look at projects in a way that you never thought of before. Working with visions of creativity allows you to open your mind to greater creative interaction and options, allows your creativity to be more fluid, and helps break down creative stagnation and blocks.

Success -  Visions of Success work with visions and insights that deal with success in all its forms, far beyond finances or wealth. It helps you understand what needs to be done or where you might be lacking effort to accomplish something successfully, what ways you may be blocking yourself, and what else can be done to bump your success to the next level. Working with visions of success helps you intuitively understand what you need to do to get something done, what amount of effort is the right amount, and what things you should absolutely avoid doing, like knowing when a certain habit or attitude is not helping you to any degree and needs to be cut out.

Love - Visions of Love will provide visions and insights into all forms of love, such as romantic, familial, and friendships, and will aid you in understanding how you may be standing in the way of a relationship from truly blossoming, in what ways you can greater receive and work with the powers of love, and what you can do to love and accept yourself. Working with Visions of Love help you become a more open and accepting person, helps you to achieve more bountiful relationships, and overall aids you in becoming a more positive, well-rounded person.

Nature - Visions of Nature deal with connecting to the Earth and all of her various forces, receiving messages from the Earth and the gods and goddesses that normally have come to represent her in various aspects, in how to work with the Earth and her powers more effectively, and in how to work better with animals, among other things. Working with Visions of Nature helps open you up to the energies of Earth, improves your resonance with Earth gods and goddesses, improves your compatibility with Earth-based energies and magicks, and helps improves your relationships with animals and spirits that tend to the land.

Please let me know how you would like your Hels Misfire Bat Charm bound by emailing me at Immortal.Conjures@gmail.com  The options are bound to a vessel that you own or bound to your own spirit. I do NOT have vessels as I do not carry physical inventory.

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