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Circe's Magicked Ring Circe's Magicked Ring
Circe s Migicked Ring is an Immortal Artifact created by Circe, taking the shape of its name, as a magicked ring. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that appear on the spirit and astral planes. There are different types of Magicked Rings, each with an active and passive effect. They are a great...
Circe's Enchanting Endiri Circe's Enchanting Endiri
Circe s Enchanting Endiri are beings created by Circe to be deeply magickal and beautiful, with natural charm and an enchanting sexuality. In a way, they are magick manifested as a being, saturating the places they walk through with beneficial and deeply magickal energies. Any spell work and energy work...
Circe's Mystical Pegasi Circe's Mystical Pegasi
Circe s Mystical Pegasi are a unique race of astral Pegasi, deeply steeped in whimsical and mystical energies. They have a light, ethereal feeling to them due to their natural elevated vibration. They are often purely white, but not always so, as light grays, browns, and the rare midnight black may come...
Circe's Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers Circe's Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers
Circe s Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers are uniquely talented when it comes to magickal, mystical, and spiritual power. Often, they are the children of two mingled races, neither race completely embracing them for the unique talents they possessed as a hybrid. Being no stranger to feeling ostracised,...
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