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Bastet's Totem of Feline Cunning Bastet's Totem of Feline Cunning
Bastet s Totem of Feline Cunning is an Immortal Artifact that taps into the many beneficial qualities associated with cats, primarily things related to swiftness, cunning, and shrewd intelligence. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that exist on the astral and spirit planes. Bastet s totem is...
Bastet's Feline Defenders Bastet's Feline Defenders
Bastet s Feline Defenders are protective felines created by Bastet who can change between the form of a house cat and the form of a very large and burly lynx. They are a mixture of affectionate and sweet with natural attitude and mischief associated with physical housecats. They make for excellent, highly...
Bastet's Feline Mystics Bastet's Feline Mystics
Bastet s Feline Mystics are beings created by Bastet who tap into the natural mystical, magickal, and spiritual dimensions of felines. Each feline is unique, taking on more of one of these facets than the others. In mystics, you find felines who are questioning and philosophical, aiding with growth and...
Bastet's Cat Shifters Bastet's Cat Shifters
Bastet s Cat Shifters are an intriguing mix of created beings, spirits, and entities. The only qualification for appearing for this listing is that the being can change between a housecat and human form, but the term housecat is also loosely defined. While the standard human who can turn into a cat is...
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