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Asmodeus’ Blade of Seduction and Revelry Asmodeus’ Blade of Seduction and Revelry
Asmodeus Blade of Seduction and Revelry is an Immortal Artifact focused on breaking down blockages to the path of true pleasure. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that exists on the spirit and astral planes. Despite its sexy name, the Blade of Seduction and Revelry has been created to carry...
Asmodeus-Touched Sentients Asmodeus-Touched Sentients
Asmodeus-Touched Sentients are spirits who had, in one way or another, embodied a portion of Asmodeus power and ideals in life. They are those who were not deterred when pursuing their desires, understanding their worth and taking full control and ownership of their inherent qualities and capabilities....
Asmodeus' Captivating Cambions Asmodeus' Captivating Cambions
Asmodeus Captivating Cambions are charismatic spirits and entities that are half incubus/succubus and half something else. They are not necessarily human, and can be elf, vampire, fae, werebest, siren, harpy, dragon, angel, gregori, and so on. As an incubus and succubus seek out sexual energies of all...
Asmodeus' Sacred Incubi and Succubi Asmodeus' Sacred Incubi and Succubi
Asmodeus Sacred Incubi and Succubi are essentially priests that ordinate Asmodeus divine will across any of a couple thousand realities. They are steeped in deep, potent mystical powers, and unlike human priests, work with Asmodeus face to face on a near daily basis. They are suffused with divine lower...
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