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Artemis' Guiding Silver Arrow Artemis' Guiding Silver Arrow
Artemis Guiding Silver Arrow is an Immortal Artifact that leads you where youd like to be, where you see yourself in the future, or where you are needed most. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. The Guiding Silver Arrow is a powerful tool that sharpens...
Artemis' Moon Sphere Artemis' Moon Sphere
Artemis Moon Sphere is an immortal artifact that appears as a sphere of pure moonlight, looking like a white sphere, although it may have a hint of another color, with a gently pulsating glow. An Immortal Artifact is a non-physical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. It can be used to...
Artemis' Moonblessed Werebeast Artemis' Moonblessed Werebeast
The Moonblessed Werebeasts are a variety of werebeings who are dedicated to and/or blessed by Artemis. They have a regal yet ferocious energy, something that feels both wild and noble. They are beings who after death embraced their own inner animal spirits, and in return they were transformed. These...
Artemis' Moonbow Centaurs Artemis' Moonbow Centaurs
The Moonbow Centaurs are a race of Centaurs that often appear with pale skin, dark hair and fur, and light colored eyes. Other combinations do exist because blood of other Centaur races are in their veins. They reside in one of Earths lower astral planes. They are astral hunting companions to Artemis,...
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