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Ares' Acolytes of War Ares' Acolytes of War
These are beings quite special to Ares. They are beings who are on the path to understanding War and its many aspects. They are spirits and entities who have chosen this path for themselves, and either serve in direct dedication to Ares or think of Ares as more of a personal and dignified mentor. The...
Ares' War Pyre Ares' War Pyre
The War Pyre is a type of fire with immensely complex energy, brought forward by Ares. It is the fire of war, a flame that has fed on the honorable dead, the warriors who gave it all for family, home, and comrade throughout time. It is filled with the valor of thousands upon thousands of heroes, filled...
Ares' Sword of Defense and Retaliation Ares' Sword of Defense and Retaliation
This offering is provided by Ares. The Sword of Defense and Retaliation is best thought of as a spell that takes the form of a bronze sword on fire. It is a protective tool that strikes at the heart of any incoming threats. Essentially, if something is trying to attack you, the Sword of Defense and Retaliation...
Ares Blood Boar Ares Blood Boar
The Blood Boars are powerful beasts that reside in Ares Realm. They are Astral Beings who have been raised and fed on the various energies and powers of War. Some of these energies include bloodlust, violence, and death, but also include energies like sacrifice, camaraderie, and duty. This gives them...
Ares' Spirit Sentinels Ares' Spirit Sentinels
Ares' Sentinals are spirits that dedicated themselves to Ares either in life or after death. They are spirits who worship and honor the Aspect of Ares that represents defense, protecting the home front, and providing for the family. They are honorable spirits who are filled with compassion and justice....
Ares' Dark Pegasus Ares' Dark Pegasus
The Ares Dark Pegasus is a proud being which resides in Ares Astral Realm. It is a being of incredible power and ability whose wild, untamed energy is only matched by its regality. They are beloved by Ares for their indomitable spirit. The god favored an original group of particularly spunky Dark Pegasus...
Ares' Remidi Ares' Remidi
The Remidi are powerful entities that fall under the dominion of Ares. They are Dark Arts, Astral beings connected to incredible celestial energies, often the energies of cosmic bodies, ethereal forces, or high-minded concepts. They are beings of structure, civilization, and order. However, what they...
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