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Apollo’s Palace of Light is a seasonal listing available in the summer, created from the energies of light and sun that saturate this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere, where I am from). Other beings related to day, sun, and light aid in its creation, most notably Helios and Hyperion. The realm consists of a palace with various chambers, as opposed to the more nature-oriented realms I’ve brought forth so far. Its prominent feature is an ever present light that shines through any window and sometimes fills the air with sparkling motes. This light can be any color and sets the mood for the palace, which can be anything from bright sparkling marble to something darker like basalt. Despite being associated with light, it is not exclusively White Arts. Their energy can range all across the spectrum, excluding Black Arts, sometimes all within the same palace.

Each Palace consists of a series of chambers, all for the use of its owner and their various spirit and entity companions. Potential chambers are studies, libraries, bedrooms (for fun times), dungeons (also for fun times), gathering halls, audience hall (complete with throne), bathing rooms, and so on.There can be outdoorsy features as a chamber, but they shall be covered with a dome of glass. These features include but aren’t limited to: springs, gardens, fountains (water fountains, lava fountains, mercury fountains), small mountains (yes small mountains), ponds, a patch of woods, and so on. Every chamber has unique energy associations that aid whatever typical activities take place in it. A study provides energy that aids mental stimulation. A bedroom allows for the opening up of blockages related to love. More unique chambers than what are standard are possible.

Each realm grows and evolves to become increasingly stronger and more complex. Ultimately, this leads to the realm’s connection to celestial planes of pure sunlight and starlight, which then suffuses the palace with ancient, cosmic energy and has untold benefits for anyone and anything connected to the realm. However, it must grow to this point. There are three tiers available for the Palace of Light, but a realm does not have to grow through the tiers in order to connect to the celestial realms. The main differences between tiers are size and the amount of beings that can reside in it at once. Below are descriptions of the available tiers.

Tier I - This tier offers an occupancy of roughly 10. This occupancy limit will be rising shortly after its creation. Two to three chambers are available at first within your palace, often tied to things that are the most immediately important to you. This tier serves more as a meditative, cleansing space where you can come to focus and unwind or have some enjoyable experiences with your companions. Think of it like your own secret clubhouse.

Tier II - This tier offers an occupancy of roughly 100 in any one space. This occupancy limit shall slowly grow, as opposed to the more rapid occupancy growth of the first tier. However, if you have a lot of companions, this growth will be accelerated so it can better accommodate them and their needs. Around five to seven chambers exist in this realm at first, with an additional chamber for each type of companion you have, suited to their preferences. These types are things like dragons, ubi, fae, nymphs, etc. Shortly after you begin working with this realm, and after your companions enter it, it shall begin shaping individual chambers for them, branching off the main chamber dedicated to their type. Additionally, this tier is when you begin to see an area existing outside and around the palace. If you own other Immortal Realms, the growth shall be increased and its appearance shall be influenced by them. If you don’t, then it shall have a slower growth but shall still be beautiful.

Tier III - This tier offers an occupancy limit of around 500 to 700 in its main central space. Each personal realm for a companion has a larger limit, largely dependent on the companion’s personality and preferences. 50 is a common occupancy limit for these smaller personal realms. Additionally, the personal realms interconnect to each other, forming their own network that does not necessarily feed directly back to the central realm space. This means a being could travel from personal realm A to personal realm D without having to use the central realm like a crossroads of sorts. This interconnectedness allows for greater bonding and synergy among your companions, which can result in numerous beneficial effects. It begins with about 10 to 12 chambers in the main realm, with more powerful chambers being more common. The outside of the palace becomes more developed.

Unlike previous realms, this realm is very contained, making it easier to sense and work with. Previous realms were vast open spaces, but since this realm consists of a series of rooms, your awareness has a limit on how far it expands. Any of the tiers work well for those with less experience, although lower tiers are still easier to sense and work with.

Each purchase of this listing comes with a description of the realm, accounts of any notable happenings while it was being created, and a portal and binding to the realm. Advice on how to begin working with it will also be provided. It can take up to two months for it to be completed and for me to finish my work on its description, which is relayed through the art of channeling. This is a loose estimate as this is my first listing of this type, so it could take less or more time.

The options for the binding are either directly to your spirit or an object you own and would like to serve as a vessel. Please let me know at immortal.conjures@gmail.com

Legal Information: I am forced by law to state that this listing should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

Listing Name and Description © 2019 Azure’s Immortal Conjures, All Rights Reserved.
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