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Apollo's Benediction Apollo's Benediction
Apollo's Benediction appears as a ball of vibrant white light. It has spindly rays that reach out all over the place and it is speckled with flashes of rainbows within it. It is about the size of a soft ball but will grow or shrink depending on what is needed. It puts all its light shines upon into a...
Apollo's Rejuvenating Golden Arrow Apollo's Rejuvenating Golden Arrow
Apollos Rejuvenating Golden Arrow is an Immortal Artifact that deals with the forces of restoration, revitalization, and rejuvenation. An Immortal Artifact is a nonphysical object that appears on the spirit and astral planes. The Rejuvenating Golden Arrow deals with the forces of building and creation,...
Apollo's Reveri Apollo's Reveri
Apollos Reveri are spritely, seductive entities created by Apollo that represent the whimsicality of the morning. A Reveri feels like having a picnic at a beautiful spot outdoors, the day is perfect with a soft breeze, and youre sitting across from the most attractive man or woman youve ever seen. They...
Apollo's Sunlight Shield Apollo's Sunlight Shield
Apollo s Sunlight Shield is an Immortal Artifact imbued with the protective qualities of light, sunlight, and the sun. Immortal Artifacts are nonphysical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. The Sunlight Shield ordinarily appears as a circular shield, akin to a buckler. However, sometimes...
Apollo's Sun Pegasus Apollo's Sun Pegasus
The Sun Pegasus is a rare type of pegasus that embodies the power of sunlight and appears made of out it. It is touched by Apollo's power and is normally found soaring high above the clouds, constantly in the light of the sun. It rarely touches ground, and when it does, there is an explosion of fire...
Apollo's Palace of Light Apollo's Palace of Light
Apollo s Palace of Light is a seasonal listing available in the summer, created from the energies of light and sun that saturate this time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere, where I am from). Other beings related to day, sun, and light aid in its creation, most notably Helios and Hyperion. The realm...
Apollo's Sunray Wyvern Apollo's Sunray Wyvern
The Sunray Wyvern is an astral entity that lives a world that Apollo adores. While it is not specifically the realm Apollo resides in, he thinks of himself as a caretaker of sorts and has guided the evolution of many beings. The Sunray Wyvern is one of these beings and its realm is one of natural wonder,...
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