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Eros' Erondi Eros' Erondi
Eros Erondi (Eh-ron-dee) are beings of intense eroticism, entities formed from the collected astral echoes of love, sex, and desire. Erondi are shapeshifters able to connect to their companions on many erotic levels to provide a potent experience. Although, they do have their preferences. They are very...
Horus' Airborn Horus' Airborn
Horus Airborn are beings created by Horus, shaped by element of air, which has been additionally infused with the energies of sun and sand, and weaved with the commanding power of the pharaoh. As a result of this very textured energy, they tend to be regal and elegant beings with a clear sense of purpose,...
Osiris' Starborn Osiris' Starborn
The Osiris Starborn are beings created from starlight and infused with the energies of the dead. This unique mixture of energies gives them a fascinating and textured signature. They have a natural otherworldly feeling to them and are divinely beautiful while also having worldly insight and potent knowledge...
Phobos’ and Deimos’ Terror Masters and Mistresses Phobos’ and Deimos’ Terror Masters and Mistresses
The Terror Masters and Mistresses are powerful spirits of sexual allure who are intensely dominant and invoke feelings of intimidation, fear, and helplessness, yet they can be uniquely nurturing and pleasant to balance it. They are technically not exclusively affiliated with any Immortal, but nonetheless,...
Sekhmet's Guardian Lions of War Sekhmet's Guardian Lions of War
Sekhmet s Lion Guardians of War are all spirits who were warriors in life and swore fealty to Sekhmet. The reward for their piety was being fused with the primal and noble power of the lion, and other large felines, giving them the ability to turn into a large predatory cat and new, varied capabilities....
Set's Chaosborn Set's Chaosborn
Set s Chaosborn are created beings shaped by the chaos of sandstorms, storms, fire, and other various forms whirled into a being. They are natural shapeshifters, often having potent magickal and transformative capabilities that usher forth beneficial change. However, in order for good change to set in,...
Tiamat's Dratzini Tiamat's Dratzini
The Dauntless Dratzini are beings shaped and molded by Tiamat s draconic power and magick. They are outstandingly beautiful beings, and while created by a dragon goddess, they are not necessarily draconic themselves. They fall on a spectrum from humanesque to full on draconic humanoid, naturally having...
Adonis' Arite Djinn Adonis' Arite Djinn
Adonis Arite Djinn (Ah-reet) are astral entities of mysticism, astral power, and potent wishes. They affiliate strongly with Adonis due to his otherworldly beauty yet Earthly ties, something they match in their own way. The Arite have strong associations with nature and are elemental, sometimes even...
Atlas' Primorda Atlas' Primorda
The Atlas Primorda are beings created by Atlas, shaped with the primordial energy that saturates the world and its various environments. Because of the origin of their energy, they feel ancient despite being newly created beings. Often, they feel as old as the world itself. They are molded from a wide...
Circe's Mystical Pegasi Circe's Mystical Pegasi
Circe s Mystical Pegasi are a unique race of astral Pegasi, deeply steeped in whimsical and mystical energies. They have a light, ethereal feeling to them due to their natural elevated vibration. They are often purely white, but not always so, as light grays, browns, and the rare midnight black may come...
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