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Tiamat's Sage Dragons Tiamat's Sage Dragons
Tiamat Sage Dragons are loyal servants of Tiamat and her will, handpicked from among her many adherents to aid a human during their tragically tiny human life. In this particular instance, Tiamat s will is to help ease the burden and weight of the short, often overly dramatic, human life while also kicking...
Tiamat's Chaos Wyverns Tiamat's Chaos Wyverns
Tiamat s Chaos Wyverns are draconic beings who come from a realm of diverse elemental extremes. They have managed to adapt and evolve to thrive in this environment, giving them potent magickal and elemental affiliations. The Chaos Wyverns come forward to help their human find their own unique personal...
Tiamat's Dratzini Tiamat's Dratzini
The Dauntless Dratzini are beings shaped and molded by Tiamat s draconic power and magick. They are outstandingly beautiful beings, and while created by a dragon goddess, they are not necessarily draconic themselves. They fall on a spectrum from humanesque to full on draconic humanoid, naturally having...
Tiamat Hound Tiamat Hound
Tiamat Hounds are creatures of the underworld, serving as a sort of counterpart to the Hades Hounds. Tiamat Hounds are a unique fusion of feline, reptile, and dragon, with some qualities from a few outlier critters. Their bodies are streamlined with a musculature similar to larger, predatory felines....
Tiamat Pixie Wyvern Tiamat Pixie Wyvern
Tiamat Pixie Wyverns are roughly the size of a macaw, but they are capable of shrinking their size. They have dark colored scales with a faint opalescent finish, and their forms tend to be long, streamlined, and aerodynamic with a whip-like tail. As wyverns, their forelimbs are also their wings, which...
Tiamat's Draconic Sphere Tiamat's Draconic Sphere
Tiamat s Draconic Sphere is an Immortal Artifact created by the goddess Tiamat, churning with primordial Draconic power. Immortal Artifacts are non-physical objects that exist on the spirit and astral planes. It can appear as a large crystal or gemstone sphere, a metallic sphere covered in scales, or...
Tiamat's Faery Dragon Tiamat's Faery Dragon
Tiamat Faery Dragons are pudgy little things with vibrant colors, large eyes, and dragonfly wings. Ordinarily, they are about the size of a chihuahua or yorkie terrier, but they have the ability to shrink and become as small as a hummingbird. They cannot enlarge themselves, but they can create an illusion...
Tiamat's Hungering Pit Tiamat's Hungering Pit
The Hungering Pit is a charm created by Tiamat focused on cleansing and protection. By my store definitions, a Charm is something that acts like a sentient being but isn t or has vaguely spell-like properties without being a true Immortal Artifact. The Hungering Pit appears as a small pit with a shadowy...
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