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Horus' Astral Hawk Horus' Astral Hawk
Horus Astral Hawk is a powerful astral entity that serves and falls under Horus rulership. They are enormous beings, about the size of a Boeing 747, but they manifest at our vibration as hawks, as this is easier for us to comprehend. They are beings of intense astral power and resonate strongly with...
Phobos’ and Deimos’ Tantalizing Twins Phobos’ and Deimos’ Tantalizing Twins
The Tantalizing Twins is an intriguing listing that exclusively brings forth twins with specific capabilities. This is a very suitable listing for the twin gods, Phobos and Deimos. As Phobos and Deimos are gods related to war, battle, and fear, the Tantalizing Twins serve as natural protectors and guardians....
Baphomet's Sapitena Baphomet's Sapitena
Baphomet s Sapitena are beings who have followed Baphomet, or Baphomet-like Immortals, throughout various lives. They have a variety of occupations, often warriors and mystics, healers and magicians, but the vast majority of them have never lived a life on Earth. Many have lived out existences close...
Osiris' Magi of Mysteries Osiris' Magi of Mysteries
The Osiris Magi of Mysteries are powerful spirits who have spent their afterlife studying the secrets of the universe. In this existence, they hover between life and death, never truly being a spirit but never being alive in the sense that we understand. This gives them strange and unusual powers. They...
Ra's Sorcerers of Sun and Star Ra's Sorcerers of Sun and Star
Ra s Sorcerers of Sun and Star are a class of caster that specialize in sun and star magicks and utilizing it for any purpose they desire. While offered under Ra, they affiliate with any and all solar deities, from anywhere and anywhen. Primarily, they work with the Sun, but many have learned how to...
Tiamat's Sage Dragons Tiamat's Sage Dragons
Tiamat Sage Dragons are loyal servants of Tiamat and her will, handpicked from among her many adherents to aid a human during their tragically tiny human life. In this particular instance, Tiamat s will is to help ease the burden and weight of the short, often overly dramatic, human life while also kicking...
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