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Circe's Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers Circe's Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers
Circe s Sublime Sorceresses and Sorcerers are uniquely talented when it comes to magickal, mystical, and spiritual power. Often, they are the children of two mingled races, neither race completely embracing them for the unique talents they possessed as a hybrid. Being no stranger to feeling ostracised,...
Nephthys' Guardians of the Duat Nephthys' Guardians of the Duat
The Guardians of the Duat fall are spirits who serve and fall under Nephthys power. They are beings of a darker energy who serve as protectors, guides, and companions, appearing anthropomorphic with the heads of animals and the bodies of humans. They can appear entirely human or animal, but hybrid form...
Osiris' Honored Vampires Osiris' Honored Vampires
The Honored Vampires are a cult of Vampires who worshipped Osiris, having their roots in Ancient Egypt but grew to span across the world. For many in the cult, Osiris represented the chance at a more comfortable, second life. He began as a symbol of hope for those vampires who were unwillingly in their...
Phobos’ and Deimos’ Teasing Guardians Phobos’ and Deimos’ Teasing Guardians
The Teasing Guardians are spirits, entities, and created beings brought forth or shaped by Phobos and Deimos. They are beings with a specific profile, uniquely capable in both matters of protection and sex. They are sexual, romantic, and sensual beings who are quite beautiful, to the point of being intimidating....
Ra’s Exalted Revenants of the Primal Dawn Ra’s Exalted Revenants of the Primal Dawn
Ra s Exalted Revenants of the Primal Dawn are created beings with an intense and raw energy. They are shaped by Ra from the energies of an earlier Earth s dawn, when the planet had less intelligent but nonetheless dominant forms of life. Contained within this power is not only solar energy, but also...
Ra's Sun Bird of Renewal Ra's Sun Bird of Renewal
The Sun Bird of Ra is a powerful, nearly Immortal entity that derives its essence from Ra and the Sun. It is a radiant being with wings of light and fire, epitomizing creative and rejuvenating forces. The Sun Bird of Ra is a being of life, and while very similar to a phoenix in energy, it is not a phoenix....
Sekhmet's Sunfire Lion Shifters Sekhmet's Sunfire Lion Shifters
Sekhmet s Sunfire Lion Shifters are powerful, created, solar-aligned beings who are capable of taking on a human, lion, or hybrid form. They are noble and kind beings who can become quite terrifying should their ire be raised. They have a powerful alignment to solar energies, particularly concerning...
Set's Eloquent Madness Set's Eloquent Madness
Set s Eloquent Madness are beings created by Set with a unique duality. They have two forms, one is elegant and picture perfect, like a model straight out of a magazine. They are suave, sophisticated, and addictingly charming. But their other form is an unspeakable, indescribable chaos given shape that...
Thoth's Envisioned Ionci Thoth's Envisioned Ionci
Thoth s Envisioned Ionic are beings created, shaped, and molded by ideas, thoughts, information, imagination, writing, and desires. They are beings born from the heart and mind of their human, shaped around how their human may perceive or interact with a certain type of information. They are further...
Tiamat's Chaos Wyverns Tiamat's Chaos Wyverns
Tiamat s Chaos Wyverns are draconic beings who come from a realm of diverse elemental extremes. They have managed to adapt and evolve to thrive in this environment, giving them potent magickal and elemental affiliations. The Chaos Wyverns come forward to help their human find their own unique personal...
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