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Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio Hades' and Persephone's Regal Yanthio
The Yanthio (Yan-thee-oh) are beings of melodious duality, containing the power of Hades and the tenderness of Persephone. They are naturally regal beings that contain the potent energies of the Underworld, often having strong threads of healing, mysticism, magick, abundance, peace, protection, desire,...
Helios' Sunfire Mare Helios' Sunfire Mare
The Helios Sunfire Mare is horse-like entity made out of the sun s fire. They are primordial, elemental beings, descended from the original mares who guide his chariot across the sky. Despite not having wings, the Sunfire Mares can gallop on the air as if it were solid, leaving a trail of fire behind...
Phobos’ and Deimos’ Tiny Terror Phobos’ and Deimos’ Tiny Terror
The Tiny Terror are itty, bitty adorable things with the ability to turn into a huge monstrosity. They are protective created beings with an appearance similar to a plushy animal or chibi depiction, but when a threat is near, they turn on the nightmare fuel and transform. Their tiny form is a cutesie...
Tiamat Hound Tiamat Hound
Tiamat Hounds are creatures of the underworld, serving as a sort of counterpart to the Hades Hounds. Tiamat Hounds are a unique fusion of feline, reptile, and dragon, with some qualities from a few outlier critters. Their bodies are streamlined with a musculature similar to larger, predatory felines....
Atlas' Dragon Turtle Atlas' Dragon Turtle
Atlas Dragon Turtles are enormous Immortal Astral Entities that resonate with Atlas power, in a way they can be thought of as primordial gods. They exist in a state where size is often relative, making for some very intriguing experiences. On first glance, they often appear as giants that could blot...
Adonis' Asuada Adonis' Asuada
The Adonis Asuada (Ah-sue-ah-dah) is the atypical sensual companion listing for Adonis, beings epitomized for their beauty, desire, and ability to create pleasure. Asuada is a title for spirits, entities, or created beings who Adonis deems to have the proper balance of appearance and personality while...
Adonis' Primal Nympho Adonis' Primal Nympho
Adonis Primal Nymphos are created beings who express an element, of any kind, as a force of beauty. This element can be traditional, such as water; nontraditional, such as ice; or environmental, such as sky. The Primal Nymphos are primal and raw in their makeup as well as rich in magickal and mystical...
Baphomet's Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies Baphomet's Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies
Baphomet s Gentlemanly Goatlymen and Goatlyladies are very intriguing beings with a dapper sense of fashion, charming personalities, and an often extraordinarily dark sense of humor. They are created beings, shaped by Baphomet s power, and have a spectrum of appearances from bipedal, humanoid goat to...
Bastet's Cat Shifters Bastet's Cat Shifters
Bastet s Cat Shifters are an intriguing mix of created beings, spirits, and entities. The only qualification for appearing for this listing is that the being can change between a housecat and human form, but the term housecat is also loosely defined. While the standard human who can turn into a cat is...
Circe's Enchanting Endiri Circe's Enchanting Endiri
Circe s Enchanting Endiri are beings created by Circe to be deeply magickal and beautiful, with natural charm and an enchanting sexuality. In a way, they are magick manifested as a being, saturating the places they walk through with beneficial and deeply magickal energies. Any spell work and energy work...
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